PS4 Pulse Controller: Would You Use It?

The new PS4 PULSE consist of wrist gear which projects visual display on the user's arms and palms. This could be used for countless kinds of new action buttons and visual indicators for a game. This visual display is especially designed to give the player a sense of orientation as he moves freely. The PS4 PULSE also has a vibration mode so the physical feedback will not be lost.

**This is not an official PS4 item**

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hiredhelp1672d ago

I buy ps4 just for this soo cool

iGAM3R-VIII1671d ago

what do you mean "just" for that. Not because of the DualShock 4, or the social aspects, or the exclusives.

irepbtown1671d ago

Me personally, I don't care too much about the DS4 (though it does look good), or the social aspects.

For me, it's what's inside the PS4 as well as the exclusives. The rest in my view are extras which are great, however I would have no problem without.

This prototype (or concept) looks pretty sweet. I'm not sure how it can be done (I'm no expert). But if Sony can pull this off, it will be a great addition.

Keep it coming Sony!

iGAM3R-VIII1671d ago

@OpieWinston what do you mean "lol exclusives", last time I checked MS barely put out IP's and focused more on Kinect where PS gave out A LOT of IP's. If you check on the official PS4 website, there are 8 exclusives coming for the launch of the PS4 which is A LOT.

Omni-Tool1670d ago

I think the name of this device is a little misleading. When I read "pulse", I was thinking a device that would check you pulse, blood pressure, temperature, etc, etc... Basically, a device that can make an educated guess at your current mental state. I.E: Fear/anxiety levels. If it senses you are getting pissed off at the game, it would suggest taking a break. This of course could be disabled. Maybe I thinking ahead too far again.

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AngelicIceDiamond1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Please don't make it sound like "its cool" because Sony's doing it. If any other company was doing this it would get laughed at and trolled on N4G.

@Below I'm glad your positive but you haven't been on this site for very long.

If Nintendo or MS done something like this, the majority of people will down play it, troll it, make fun of it Completely biased all around.

Especially in MS case if they were to announce something like this people would say.

"MS is losing its focus." or "This looks like a waste of time MS focus on games." "Another useless feature on Xbox, I'm not buying the new Xbox."

Sad, but true.

iGAM3R-VIII1671d ago

No not really, if MS were going to do this I would support them because this is a really innovative peice of tech wether MS, Sony, Nintendo, or even a homeless person. I really don't know why you are getting all unhappy about his statement

Denethor_II1671d ago

"Below I'm glad your positive but you haven't been on this site for very long."

And you haven't been on this site for very long time either. Lets go back to 07,08 and 09. Hard times to be a Sony fan among the 'Sony is doomed' mentality that plagued this site. The Xbox trolls have since, thankfully, scurried.

TI_211671d ago

I actually think that with something similar Kinekt could become worthwhile.

At the Moment it's very restrictive in that you can't really do anything without doing stupid things, like flailing around - lol. But this tech would give you back the buttons which are necessary to move around and interact in certain ways with a game.

Dlacy13g1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

It is a bit comical of late with regards to the hardcore Sony Fanboy. Now I realize there are many Sony fans on this site that are not blinded nor beyond reason so this isn't a blanket statement by any stretch. That all said about 2yrs back this site shifted and became very Sony pro with regards to commentors. Since then it feels like Sony can do no wrong but similar ideas from competitors get laughed away as gimmicky.

Wiimote from Nintendo = Gimmicky fad
Sony Move = Revolutionary game changer
MS Kinect body tracking = stupid casual excersize gimmick
Sony Move + Eye Toy = Totally change fitness with 1:1 tracking
MS Interactive TV = Lame kiddy tech
Sony Wonderbook = Greatest idea ever
Nintendo Second Screen WiiU pad = Stupid, why do I need that I just want to play on my TV anyway
Sony Vita can be used as second screen = this is a total game changer
MS Illumiroom demo = Lame gimmick, not interested
Sony PS4 Dualshock Light Bar illuminates room for mood = OMG, so immersive

Just my observations over the time here. I am sure, and fully agree there have been similar sentiments from other loyal fans of Ninetendo and MS but given Sony fans seem the most vocal its a bit more obvious to me.

As for the wrist I said elsewhere here, no thanks. Feels like the power glove to me...and that didn't interest me either.

4lc4pon31671d ago

M$ has lost there focus.

Thirty3Three1671d ago

@ dlacy:

You need to do some research

Sony Move = Patented BEFORE the wiimote. Sony's idea.

Sony Move + Eye Toy = It was a game changer because it was the first to do this, out of the 3 consoles (Gamecube, ps2, xbob) - This, again, was Sony's idea. Not another company's.

Sony Wonderbook = What have you been reading?! Every sony fanboy (me included) are bashing this crap, left and right

Nintendo Second Screen WiiU pad = Again, people LOVE this. Not hate it.

Sony PS4 Dualshock Light Bar =ComePLETELY different from the illumiroom crap...

Arksine1671d ago

Sony isn't "doing it". This is a fan made concept.

Gaming_Guru1671d ago

At: Dlacy13g

What are you talking about, 9 out of 10 times people will be praising XBOX 360 and XBOX Live than anything PlayStation. When talking about multiplatform video games, it gets worse.

If you want to talk about bias fanatics, bias xbox players tend to use something I like to call "reality assumptions," bias nintendo players tend to use something I call "inductive generalization," and bias playstation players tend to use something I call "hasty conclusions."

One isn't more vocal than the other, they are all equally loud, just how the bias is presented can give an impression one maybe louder than another. Some do flip flop from different bias, but these ones tend to come up the most in the gaming community for each one on the Internet at least.

rainslacker1670d ago

When is it exactly that people became so jaded over new tech?

I can look at what all the big 3 have done tech wise and think it's cool, or see possibilities in it without bringing the console into it, why do I have to be a fan boy just because I think this is cool.

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hiredhelp1671d ago

Noooo course not just for the gizmo lol that be a silly idea.
But nice concept

Aperture981671d ago

If this is real, I'd be amazed. I've wanted something like this for a very long time. I wouldn't buy a whole system just for this controller, though I bought a couple different consoles just because of one or two things... :P

Psn8001671d ago

I like the Ps4 just with my Ps4 controller just can't wait the excitement is so, so overwhelming .

GuyThatPlaysGames1671d ago

This is a stupid idea. Just stick to the normal controller!

DragonKnight1671d ago

This thing could be cool for a game like Watch Dogs where the character has a device that hacks into things. Imagine the HUD of his device appearing on the Pulse controller. It could also work in tandem with the traditional controller in order to implement even more options or refinements. There's massive potential in something like this.

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Sharius1672d ago

i'm fine as long as this thing doesn't use the motion control

Derekvinyard131671d ago

This looks really cool but from what we've seen from motion gaming there's no way in hell it's going to work like the pictures show,I will gladly eat my words if it works good but those pictures show something really ahead of its time,

InMyOpinion1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Can you tie it around the Move controller? To make the experience more satisfying and longlasting. That would be cool.

monkey nuts1671d ago

All I can say to that is WTF are you doing with your move controller son? XD
What ever floats your boat though man, I ain't judging you. lol

InMyOpinion1671d ago

With all the dildo comparisons I just had to throw it in there :)

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