Defiance to Receive 10GB of DLC

Along the recent revelation of the Defiance Season Pass, Trion Worlds has revealed that the first five downloadable content (DLC) packs will pack some significant weight. As part of the typical ‘terms and conditions’ arrangement the publisher has revealed that the DLC will launch throughout the rest of 2013 and in to 2014, and the total package available with the Defiance Season Pass will reach 10GB.

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nick3091726d ago

This game is awful .. I have played it and its the worst mmo i saw for years

xPhearR3dx1726d ago

I'm sorry but did we play the same beta? This game is pretty awesome. I'm enjoying it a lot.

-Falaut-1726d ago

mmmmmm, delicious, opinion cupcakes.

nick3091726d ago

I did play the beta with a friend and we both think its should be last gen and not current gen. It feels out dated.

USMC_POLICE1726d ago

Agreed I played it yesterday for a couple hours it was awful.

r211726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Its not awful but pretty meh but it gets quite fun when you venture around and meet other ark hunters and do all kinds of quests.

linkenski1726d ago

It's just boring. The world feels completely empty, and the enemies don't move.

MysticStrummer1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

As Trion's been saying since day one, Defiance is a TPS first and an MMO second. You're welcome to your opinion but I think it's pretty damn fun. I rarely buy Season Passes but I'm seriously considering it for Defiance.

Dirtnapstor1726d ago

You work for Trion or what?!
The beta is horrible... obviously something left-over from the PS2/Xbox era!

MysticStrummer1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

You think it's horrible. That doesn't make it so. I enjoy the game. It reminds me of games I've enjoyed this gen such as Borderlands and Red Dead Redemption's online play, except it has the open world BL should have had and there's more to do in the world which RDR should have had. Sure the graphics aren't amazing but there are lots of NPCs and players in a huge world. The beta world is huge and that's not even the full map. I've been gaming since the 70s so don't tell me this is a leftover from last gen when you and I both know this game wasn't possible last gen.

I don't know what linkenski is talking about with the AI. It certainly doesn't stand there and do nothing.

3-4-51726d ago

K so let's stay on topic about the 10GB of DLC...nobody in first 5 comments even mentions it.

That is a ton of content potentially. I've never played this game.

linkenski1726d ago

I tried the PS3 beta. The framerate is unacceptable and i can't take the story, because the characters seem ripped off of Avatar... and that movie was boring.
The game doesn't really have any charm and the shooting is just barely above average. It also felt like enemies didn't have an AI. They are just standing, doing nothing.

ATi_Elite1725d ago

Sucks for you cause i rather enjoyed the time i spent playing this over a friends house. The running animation sucks but other than it it is pretty fun.

I hope that's some quality 10GB of DLC

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BanBrother1726d ago

I'll try a demo. Don't want to invest in something with poor support, connection and quality and a crappy TV show. Not saying it will have all this, just saying I'd like to try it first before I part with my Gil. I am invited to the beta also, so I may gkve it a try. I redeemed the first 40 or so Ark codes.

Lifebanisher1726d ago

there is currently 93 arc codes why only 40?

Myst1726d ago

Just replying here since I can't reply to yours. No problem :D

BanBrother1725d ago

I stopped a few weeks ago, and lost the page.


Thanks, have been meaning to start putting them in again.

Lifebanisher1726d ago

ooh ty myst new ark codes there are currently 96 now :p

detroitmademe1726d ago

Ive heard mostly good things about Defiance so i preordered on gamestop website but didnt recieve a beta invite, isnt the beta over tomorrow for ps3?

MysticStrummer1726d ago

Yes it is. No game is for everyone, but reaction to Defiance has been mostly positive.

r211726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

10gb of DLC? Thats pretty huge. Im guessing they've got tons of stuff planned considering this is based on the show. New content revealed with each new episode of the show?

Honestly, based on my time playing Defiance, the developers should just make the game free to play IMO

PS3gamer4life1726d ago

I been waiting for a game like this online shooter mmo this game is awesome day 1 for me

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