Wii U online services unavailable due to "technical difficulties"

Nintendo Insider writes:

Nintendo of America have confirmed that all online services for Wii U are currently unavailable due to technical difficulties.


Nintendo have confirmed that service has now been restored, and running as normal.

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AsimLeonheart1221d ago

Nintendo and their bad lucks. No sales, no games and now no online. They keep running into troubles one after another.

ape0071221d ago

dude the nintendo hate is in your blood, ease up

still nintendo has the best exclusives in gaming

3-4-51221d ago

Water always finds it's level. They will be fine.

thezeldadoth1220d ago

i'm sure it wont last 2 months like that other companies big technical difficulty. 2 months, oh well right. but nintendo is doomed if they dont fix it in 12 hours.

AsimLeonheart1220d ago

I didnt say anything hateful about Nintendo. I was not cheering or rejoicing. I just stated their current circumstances in a neutral manner.

jcnba281220d ago

LOL more like poor Sony. Remember PSN no?

N4g_null1220d ago

It doesn't matter I have to work on some stuff now then it monster hunter time and time to buy another 3ds! D ex will be fun also, then I guess I'll pick up Lego Gta lol. Oh I still have to get need for speed, bad EA bad!

gpturbo811220d ago

spoken like a true prepubescent

AsimLeonheart1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )


What? You guys are so sensitive that you get riled up even at stating facts. Do you want everyone to bury their head in the sand like you guys and say everything is okay? Take off your fanboy goggles and accept the reality. A person only resorts to personal insults when he can not make a sound argument, just like you. If you think you are an "adult" then argue like an adult. Oh and why do you naturally assume that the other person is a kid? Just because you have reached your teens or early 20s barely? Grow up boy... or manchild... or whatever you are.

PopRocks3591220d ago


"No online"

The online was down for all of a day. Barely a single day, not even a full day. Are you serious?

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jaymart2k1221d ago

Shut up, name 1 company that servers never failed.

Oh wait you can't.

PeaSFor1221d ago

"Shut up, name 1 company that servers never failed."

two wrongs don't make a right

Benjaminkno1220d ago

even Blizzard has had problems with their servers. Criticism towards them is just silly

Studio-YaMi1220d ago

Uh Oh what !?
1 online blackout and you people make it seem like it's the end for them,Sony & MS had the same issues MANY times !

jcnba281221d ago

I just checked on my Wii U, there's nothing wrong with online. This article is bullshit.

Baka-akaB1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

"Nintendo of America have confirmed" . No need to be angry , it's probably not even widespread and getting fixed or already fixed

Mustang300C20121221d ago

Well maybe you are one out of 5 with a Wii U worldwide Brah. It was confirmed stop tripping and if you are up why complain.

mudmax1221d ago

one out of 5 huh brah. I also been online all morning no problem. Only one tripping is you and you don't even have a wii u troll.

Benjaminkno1220d ago

You don't have a wii u so why are you here?

jmc88881220d ago

Don't worry about the troll, he's busy driving his small prickmobile.

MasterCornholio1221d ago

I hate to tell you this but Nintendo isn't a gaming company that produces flawless products. The With Us online service is relatively new so its bound to have some issues every once in a while.

Instead of living in denial you should just accept this and move on.

Motorola RAZR i

SilentNegotiator1221d ago

But this is what people do for hits; they make an article about some technical problems in a very limited server area and call the service "down"/"unavail able"

stuna11221d ago

But how is this different from any other service that goes down?

SilentNegotiator1220d ago

...where did I suggest that this was a unique situation?

My point was that journalists love to make every interference out as some widespread, long-running issue when it isn't 95% of the time.

Seedhouse1220d ago

This was actually an issue worldwide, but the service has been restored now.

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josephayal1221d ago

I think Nintendo is testing their new WiiU2 prototype console

jmc88881220d ago

If that was true all it needs to do is beat 1.8 TFlops.

Literally strapping 3 Wii U's together WOULD do that.

josephayal1220d ago

I totally agree with you, the next generation of console gaming is right around the corner, PS3,DURANGO and the Wii u 2

N4g_null1220d ago

No it's a wiiu and 3ds taped together to play monster hunter! Next gen is already here.

Amigaengine1221d ago

Been playing Blops2 all morning no issue ?

ReLLiK1221d ago

I didn't know the Wii u had any games to play online...

mudmax1221d ago

Go away troll. Why are you reading wii u articles anyway. Come out of the closet, we know you want one or you wouldn't be reading this.

Benjaminkno1220d ago

Ha Ha ha.. that's hilarious!
That's why they troll!! Because they want one, but don't want to "betray" their brand.. bunch of jokes.

I just ordered my ZombiU bundle with the pro controller.. it gets here friday.. I've never been so excited about a console..

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