Developers - It's Your Fault The Game Bombed, Not Ours

NowGamer Opinion: Game sales are in the drain, and developers have only themselves to blame.

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j-blaze1796d ago

DmC bombed and that's a good thing, if this sold well, we may see another sh!t sequel by the same sh!t dev "NT", but thats never happening, Capcom learned from this, all thanks to us wait for a true DMC game DMC5!

stragomccloud1796d ago

Agreed. I want a real Devil May Cry 5. There was no reason to reboot the franchise.

MEsoJD1796d ago

This is sad because DMC was far from a bad game. I think Capcom realized that the DMC4 was too much of the same/old formula(locked camera angles, repetition,etc). Personally if DMC5 was like DMC4 I wouldn't even bother. I hope we get a sequel to the reboot because I think it has a lot of potential.

edenianrain1796d ago

DMC4 failed because capcom rushed it,it was supposed to have 20 missions for dante and Nero each and have no backtracking at all,but because they decided to rush it it came out the way it did,instead of making a game that was just about dante or a vergil or sparda prequel they decide to reboot it and people hate the downgrade,now I agree its far from a bad game but for a DMC game it sucks,and out of all the reboot this gen DmC is the one that doesnt deserve a sequel,reboot that actually deserve a sequel are prince of Persia 08,and tomb raider.

Baka-akaB1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Bare the lame story and setting DMC wasnt even a new formula . It was the same stripped down and dumbed down .

It wasnt less repetitive , it just didnt have the backtracking problem only seen with DMC4 . It had even less options for exploration than any game of the serie .

It's the most linear DMC game so far and yes it was that bad . The design is up to tastes , but technically wise it wasnt better than a 3-4 years old dmc 4 . It ran below 60 fps and traded "pretty" for a shallow level deformation system that was useless as the game is again very linear , and better lightning effect .

And gameplay wise it was inferior to any dmc titles , there is no sugarcoating it . Why would we settle for less ? The gaming community so far usually settle for a sequel or reboot that doesnt evolve and stay about the same quality , not an inferior one .

360ICE1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

See those are the kind of weird misconceptions that would leave your head if you took off your tin foil hat. I've reviewed games professionally too, and I've never heard one word from the developers except plot points they don't want me to talk about. Developers that have no faith in their game and still want it to sell, usually don't give critics review copies at all or set a really late embargo. No such thing happened with DmC: DmC. They didn't even give away any fancy extras like other publishers do all the time.

EDIT: Kind of misplaced reply, but that'll do.

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Root1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )


It also failed because it was a crap dmc game

...those "amazing" reviews though, sorry, tell me to keep my tin foil hat on all you want but something was going on behind closed doors. Capcom did something because they NEEDED this game to get good sales after how RE6 failed in terms of sales (reaching their goal) and with critics, and knowing them they would do anything to secure that.

360ICE1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Yup, Capcom sat down with the reviewers who really liked this game. In other words about 90% of all the people who reviewed the game. If IGN, Gamespot and a couple of other major sites were the only ones to give this game good ratings, then maybe I could understand your paranoia, but no, the vast majority of minor and major publications alike liked this game. Get your hat off and get in on the fun.

Root1796d ago

Oh come on we all know most of the smaller sites just go with the scores big sites go with. Why would Capcom waste their time with them when they knew they would follow the crowd anyway...for free

zerocrossing1796d ago

Im a huge DMC fan so I know Im bound to be a little biased toward the reboot, but honestly DmC as well as being just plain bad, was insulting toward the core fanbase, poorly scripted, the unreal engine was terribly optimised and the new Dante for a protagonist was just plain unlikeable... Let us hope we never have to see the DMC IP get dragged through the mud ever again.

BkaY1795d ago

"Not in million years" huh.....

Lmfao.... i knew thats gonna happen ... how come you fuk your fans then expect your game to sell well.... i mean r they that much stupid..

but yeah.... DMC5 <------- true one not emo bullshit.
i might forgive crapcom for once..

chaos-lockheart1795d ago

Companies are so weird, the games people want reboot don't get reboots, but I fine game gets a reboot when people don't want it. like Resident Evil, we want it rebooted cause t he way it's heading, but never got one.

OmegaSlayer1795d ago

Another idiot piece of news that mentions Dante hair and not the fact that the gameplay is crap and the story god awful.
After playing Vergil's Downfall it's even more clear how the coloured schemed enemies mechanics was really stupid.

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Magnus1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Thing about gaming this generation is sequals after sequals coming out fast. Or they take a solid franchise and make a couple of tweaks that look good to them and pump the game out. And now that franchise has left a bad taste in a persons mouth. The originality for these games are not there any more its all about pumping the game the DLC out and making a quick buck. Tomb Raider is a great example of taking a solid franchise and breaking it apart and rebuilding it from the ground up and doing it right.I remember from Sega Master system days to PS2 days there was orginality and sequals weren't pumped out as fast as they are today. It would be two to three years before a sequal even came out. So yes I say it is devlopers fault and the publishers fault pumping out the game to make the coin. If you don't test a game you end up with a train wreck like the new Sim City game or like Black Ops 2. I know one thing I don't like playing a train wreck I like a quality well built game with orginality. Another thing that takes away from orginality and new Ips thats publishers faults and developers fault is relying too much on a cash cow title taking teams away from other titles to work on the cash cows. And then the title I am waiting for is pushed back.

telekineticmantis1796d ago

who told me DMC was better than God o War Ascension need to take some responsibility. I bought DMC it was a boring nightmare, and GOW:A gets better and better the more I play it. If I knew nothing about either of these franchises and went by the score, I would of chose DMC over GOW, and I wold of been pissed if I couldn't afford to trade in ad replace it, with GOW.

jc485731796d ago

If Ninja Theory was asked to do something "different," then they really did it wrong. The problem with DmC is that it felt like your generic hack n slash very similar to that of Heavenly Sword. Look, when you are given a project, you have to show off something "better" than the previous games and even the projects that you have done in the past. DmC is by all means a step backward. Sacrificing gameplay just for a slightly better story? Honestly, story wasn't all that impressive.

I also want to give a big slap to critics who have been praising this game because they think this is what we want. They go on talking about how "accessible" it is as if they've suffered enough with hard games and that more people want easy games. Dude, don't underestimate humans! We can handle ourselves pretty well.

Gamer-Z1796d ago

To be honest i think some of these reviewers are not even real gamers or they never bothered playing the older games in order to compare the original source materiel to the new stuff to make a fair comparison.

Root1796d ago

It's like none of them played a dmc game before

The thing I found odd though is that the majority of the big site reviews ended up focusing on selling you the end instead of reviewing it and also wasted half their review on saying how the "haters" were wrong.

Most reviews even ended up sounding the same, which to me seemed like they were planned, like Capcom were telling them a list of things to say.

Lets not forget all of a sudden, one month before it came out, big name sites started to defend the game out of nowhere. 2 years people complained and hardly none of the sites got involved or jumped in to defend it then all of a sudden a month before launch they end up defending it.....sorry but I don't bite.

OmegaSlayer1795d ago

You're on the point.
Reviewers should buy the games, first and foremost, they would make them more aware of the consumers' needs.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1796d ago

Im not bored of my 360/PS3...

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