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Kojima on taking time out from the game industry – and choosing the Metal Gear movie’s leading man

EDGE - Hideo Kojima has told us that he’d like to spend some time away from games development to work in other mediums, and has been offered work on several movies. (Culture, Hideo Kojima)

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ShugaCane  +   391d ago
It kinda saddens me to read that because I love his work on video games, but the guy certainly earned his right to use his talent as he pleased. Bringing them to other medias is a cool idea. Writing a book ? I would definitely read it. As for the movie adaptation, as long as he's involved in it, my expectations will remain high. Kojima has never disappointed me so far. He is a true genious.
Derekvinyard13  +   391d ago
I love everything Medal gear but a movie? I lost faith in video game movies after max Payne, if anyone has ever played max Payne you would realize its basically a movie in itself your handed a script a screenplay and characters so well written you could use the voice actors but they managed to screw that up, it was honestly so hard to screw that movie up and they succeeded, I feel that there's a middle ground these directors don't get between Hollywood and video games hopefully this one will be made and not placed on hold forever like the Halo,gears,bioshock,uncharted and infamous movies
Septic  +   391d ago
“I’m working with the producer of this project, Avi Arad, and he’s come to me with various offers, saying that there are a lot of Hollywood actors who want to be Snake in the movie,”

I wonder who these actors are? I nominate Steve Carrell.

r21  +   391d ago
Cupid_Viper_3  +   391d ago
To me I think Tom Hardy would be the perfect snake to be honest.... He's got the physical presence and top acting skills to play both Snake and Liquiq.

And Jeff Bridges as Roy Campbell...
Gary Oldman as Ocelot... http://pinterest.com/pin/93...
And Scarlett Johansson as Merril
Jamie Foxx as Drebin and we're all good.
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Knight_Crawler  +   391d ago
I wonder when this movie will be release...they just announce a reboot of Escape from New York so it would be epic if they both released in the same year.

Solid snake is a bad @ss but Snake Plissken is the original character.

Here is hoping that Hollywood does not mess up any of these movies with 80% CGI.

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caseh  +   391d ago
Snake is based on several characters from movies, I can't remember the magazine where I saw the article but James Bond is another character that you see in Snake.

Like how he always gets the girl, always has sarcastic one liners plus he has a colleague who supplies his gadgets.

Plissken is undoubtedly Snake's appearance, pesimistic outlook on life and voice.
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j-blaze  +   391d ago
Kojima writing a novel? i would love that! also, imagine if he can team up with Mamoru Oshii and make anime or a CG movie that would be sweeet!
as for MGS movie, John Woo or Kim Ji-woon or any good Asian director should make it, just stay away from Hollywood directors please
ANIALATOR136  +   391d ago
A British director would have been best i reckon but i think the director is already chosen
Lifebanisher  +   391d ago
remember it would not be a metal gear movie if the enemies that sees you doesn't have an exclamation mark on their heads ! and then that alert sound and then snake needs to hide from enemies using his box lol.
MattyG  +   391d ago
Oh god, I forgot about the movie. I hope they don't screw it up. Make me proud Koji!
MaleManSam  +   391d ago
tigertron  +   391d ago
and Sean Connery as Big Boss.

Other Snake suggestions: Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman.
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Vandamme21  +   391d ago
Hugh Jackman would make a great snake
ANIALATOR136  +   391d ago
Chris Hemsworth would make a decent Snake IMO Clint Eastwood would have been perfect. Shame he's too old
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Snakefist30  +   391d ago
Clint Eastwood can be Big Bosss!!!
GT5Racer  +   391d ago
solid snake either gerard butler or hugh jackman
liquid snake = kivanc tatilug(turkish actor with bosnian roots)
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Kashouri  +   391d ago
samual l jackson should play snake!
Summons75  +   391d ago
Noooooo but he would make a PERFECT Signit if they did a movie around Big Boss.
Shacojin  +   391d ago
Hugh Jackman or Christian Bale for Snake
luiti1  +   391d ago
Hugh Jackman would be awesome! :)
xBigxBossx  +   391d ago
Hugh Jackman should be snake.

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