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r211859d ago

Really excited for this, never had the chance to play this on PS2 so ill be playing on my vita. I've only heard great things bout the FFX and bad things bout FFX-2. And it looks great so far.

Alos881859d ago

X-2's battle system was pretty good, it'd much faster than X's, and there are a lot of sidequests- it's not all bad.

Irishguy951859d ago

So long as you tune out you brain while you're playing it. I'd much rather FF12 HD over X-2...never got to play that one :(

hkgamer1859d ago

X-2 battle system was great. Never got to finish the game though, so this would be a good opportunity.


FFXII was amazing but you have to understand that X-2 is the easier option since they are already upscaling the models for X.

For them to upscale XII would take years longer.

vikingland11859d ago

I'm in the same boat as you . I never got around to playing FFX .And I am getting it for the Vita. I think It's going to look and play great on the Vita.

AusRogo1859d ago

Final Fantasy X is the only FF I enjoyed, its really good!

3-4-51859d ago

Never played the OG games but I'm kind of excited for these. The music in this game is amazing though and I've heard the story is good as well.

All these good RPG's coming to PS3 so late in it's life cycle. Don't own one though.

It's coming to Vita too right ? Maybe I'll just buy one of those.

Snookies121858d ago

Yep Vita as well. If you have never played FFX. I HIGHLY recommend it. The game's music, world, characters, and story are all top notch.

zeddy1858d ago

good game, decent story and the last game before squaresoft went all squareenix and ruined everything.

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cerpintaxt441859d ago

to zarnakand such a sad song cant wait to play this again

ToZanarkand861859d ago

My favourite song, can you tell haha

Sanquine901859d ago

Love to play this on the go:D Vita it is! JRPG feels far better on portable...

Rush1859d ago

Nothing feels better on a portable, except maybe Angry Birds.

nm971859d ago Show
Sanquine901859d ago

@nm97 Who are you calling an idiot? I am playing my 3ds and vita far more than my ps3, wii u and xbox 360. Hd graphics are nothing if you have a shiny screen and marvelous gameplay

hkgamer1859d ago

JRPG's are great on a portable device(vita). It hides alot of the bad textures because of small screen.
Another reason why JRPG's are great on a handheld si because of all the grinding needed on those games. Some grinding parts can get a little boring, so doing those grinding chores on a commute can be brilliant.

adorie1859d ago

You should no by now that Angry Birds gets no love on N4G. Lol.

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Snookies121858d ago

You know that nm97 was talking to the guy who said "Nothing feels better on a portable" right? Lol. :]

chikane1859d ago

so where is x-2 in HD ? all i seen so far is just x in HD

sinncross1859d ago

Probably advertising one half of the remaster now, so they cna release another trailer in a little while to advertise FFX-2.

makes for an easy 2nd showing to continue the marketing.