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Next Gen: Whoever Blocks Used Games Will Die

GP writer Jared discusses why he believes that whichever next-gen console blocks used games will die, and why it probably won't happen for a few reasons. (Culture, Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

Godmars290  +   391d ago
More like who doesn't block used games will be seen more favorably. But likely not by much.

Meanwhile the one who does will still sell systems to people who know nothing about the block and wont, until they buy a used game.
IRetrouk  +   390d ago
True but stuff like that would spread very quick, online and by mouth to mouth, i think its effects would likely kill the console, i dont think either company is gonna go down that road.
As long as i can get quality games that i am free to trade if and when i want i will have all 3 consoles again this gen, i dont worry so much about the specs as i do the GAMES, thats what were all here for, right?
Godmars290  +   390d ago
But we're not talking about the online gaming community. At least I'm not. And by the time the general consumer, the casual gamer, picks up on something like that and spreads the word to their friends it'll be too late. Most will have already bought the system.
khowat  +   390d ago
Eh even if the people who are buying the console know it blocks used games that wouldn't kill the console. Explanation IMHO the main reason we buy used games is because they are cheaper (other reasons include: to get into a franchise with the first game, so that we can play games at other friends house's) but if a game is substantially cheaper on a console that blocks used games rather than the console that does will it really make a difference to the majority of the population
Darrius Cole  +   390d ago
I think Godmars underestimates how fast that information would spread and it's effects.

First, all,... that is ALL of the specialty shops would have a vested interest in making sure that everyone knew this information AND in pushing consumers toward buying the other console which will still play used games.

Second, this generation both PS3 & 360 sold about 75 - 77 million units but they sold about 10 million in the first year. There is more than enough time for the information to spread.

Third, the market for games on the system with used games in it will have more money in it. Furthermore, it will still have a lower entry point, because it will have used games in it. Furthermore, the specialty shops will have even more incentives to push said used games as one console would have outright declared war on these specialty shops.

Fourth, the system that blocks used games will sell less copies of games. All gamers who have both systems are going to buy their multi-plat games on the system that allows them to sell the game back or give it away, unless the no-return-allowed games are MUCH cheaper.

I'm not ready to say that the console that does this will die but I do think it will lag far behind in overall consoles sold. It'll be like PS2 vs. Xbox(1) numbers, with the one console that bans used games being the one that sells less, regardless of whether that console is the PS4 or the Nextbox.
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Gaming101  +   390d ago
Even if you buy the system you'll more than likely find out right away that you can't sell your games given you insert a disc that gets installed immediately, then the disc becomes useless. If that happens, just return the console if you don't want it. You're not locked into anything until 30 days have passed after you bought your console. Even then you can sell the console on ebay for close to what you paid for it anyway.
darthv72  +   389d ago
What do the game developers
and publishers think on this subject?

Used sales they dont get any portion of that revenue. That is pure profit for the store that caters to the used market.

Seems very much like the music industry and how they got involved several years ago when it came to the subject of digital file sharing.

Perhaps the companies will come to some agreement with the stores and the reselling of a license to use the game that is used where as that license is granted with every new copy sold.

These companies are compensated for their work the first time around but if they have watched as one copy is passed around to several different people, that is people who could have bought their own copy instead. thus resulting in more money for the company. More money for the company means more investment into new projects.

i know it isnt black and white like that but there are some companies that follow that structure. The more of their product that gets sold new at retail, the more of that $$ they put back into the company to fund the next project.

The less $$ they get from copies sold means they turn to bigger companies who insist on funding the next project in exchange for exclusivity. Exclusivity has its perks but it isnt an automatic success.

An exclusive pile of crap is still a pile of crap.
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admiralvic  +   390d ago
Hard to say, a lot of it will be based off how they do it. We've seen a few games get destroyed by negative press and others make it through without a care in the world.
zerocrossing  +   390d ago
This is going to sound petty but whichever company decides to blocked use games, I will not be supporting them any longer.
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   390d ago
Its the opposite, Devs will favour the console that stops the dev loosing sales through used games.
Yodagamer  +   390d ago
Well if no one one buys the console due to the lack of used games, then no one will buy the games for the console so they'll have to favor the other one as well.
TheLiztress  +   390d ago
I want to think that the companies know that blocking used titles is going to do more harm to their profits than pirates do.

But I'm not too hopeful on that.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   390d ago
I agree that's why neither one of them will do it.
Hellsvacancy  +   390d ago
At first they wont, I bet the technology will be implemented, in both consoles, Sony/MS will wait a year or two, then we'll get a fw update restricting used games
Software_Lover  +   390d ago
PC is still here and thriving through the biggest DRM store ever (steam), no? I know its a different culture and a different pricing model than the consoles but still that argument is mute.

Add to the fact that Microsoft nor Sony have to block used games because of the implementation of online passes by the publishers.

I truely believe that Online passes will prevail in the console market place in the long haul. It just serves the monetary needs of the publishers more than total blockage.

Its a sad state really, when all they have to do is lower prices and get better sales.
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CapsLocke  +   390d ago
Console world is mostly about used games, which shows the actual quality of it and it's fanbase.
SavageFlamingo  +   390d ago
Fanboys will still defend the company's decision if that happens.
PirateThom  +   390d ago
1. It's a good thing they are blocking used games because it means more money to developers making the system favourable to publishers.

2. Blocking used games infringes on my freedoms and I will never buy a console that does it.

In the end, if you want the games a console offers, then you will do whatever they say as has always been the case with consoles.
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ape007  +   390d ago
it is season pass on steroids the game is already sold, the profit is made,....... dirty business

just say no
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Hudahudahuda  +   390d ago
Is that a threat?
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ArchieBunker   390d ago | Spam
josephayal  +   390d ago
Microsoft and Sony will never die. they are huge companies
maniacmayhem  +   390d ago
What i'm afraid of, what if one console does block used games and developers decide to favor that system more because of this feature?

If that would ever happen it would force the other console companies to follow in those steps.

Lets hope that all rumors of blocking used games is false.
Deku-Johnny  +   390d ago
I can imagine that's right. From all the backlash of the idea I doubt either of them will block used games.
NateCole  +   390d ago
That's why the more backlash the better. I have started to see some x360 fans defend a possible blocked use game decision by MS as something good for MS which is stupid and dangerous for the industry as a whole.
NateCole  +   390d ago
That's why no one is stupid enough to do it. MS will not block use games. I refuse to believe they would be that stupid.
LordOfAdmirals  +   390d ago
time was your ally, xbox. but now it has abandoned you. playstation has returned. this tomb is now yours
Supermax  +   390d ago
Why not get both I'm never going to miss out on aaa titles this includes pcs and iOS.gamers game
Dj7FairyTail  +   390d ago
Who ever don't block used games, allow backward compatibility, and offers great social gaming options will WIN.

Wii U have Miiverse, Backward Compatibility and allows used games.

Wii U will win.

PS4 Lovers gonna hate.
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Nafon  +   390d ago
edonus  +   390d ago
I think people are reading in to the used game market too much.

Listen when I buy a console or the majority of people in the world buy a console used games has never been a consideration. I am more interested in the franchises and games it will have what features does it have and even how it looks more than can i buy games second hand.

In fact if I was a company I wouldnt want consumers that hold second hand games as a benefit. They arent good consumers, savvy yes but they are a burden. I buy a few used games here and there through gen but normally way down the line. I get a bead on games I really want and buy them when ASAP.

With that said I would miss trading games in a little bit, my game library gets pretty big and sometimes i just want to get rid of some of the clutter, and its nice to get a little something. I think selling used games cheaper with a re activation cost would be fair.

I just really feel that if the devs could get some of the money made through used game market the industry would get better. Or at least it would have the opportunity to get better. The greed of man always puts progress in danger.
OSIRUSSS  +   390d ago
The steambox blocks used games and people are clammering for that POS!
Nafon  +   390d ago
Wth are you talking about Lol... AFAIK there is no official steambox. And you can't get used games on PC so it can't block them in the first place. Steam games are dirt cheap and they have huge sales all of the time so used games are unneeded.
OSIRUSSS  +   390d ago
I don't care if the games are dirt cheap you nimrod. My point is you can play used games on the steambox. People still want the POS to come into existence. I will not buy any system that won't play used games.
Nafon  +   390d ago
lol what? did you even read my comment? Here, I'll put the important part right here "And you can't get used games on PC so it can't block them in the first place."

also, what are you going on about here: "My point is you can play used games on the steambox."

You are one of a very few people who "will not buy any system that won't play used games." but, hey. To each his own, right? If you miss out on next gen because you can't buy scratched up discs someone else owned for $5 less than new, that's your decision.
SDF Repellent  +   390d ago
I don't know about the rest of the World but Gamestop used games are roughly only $5-$10 cheaper than a new game and a lot of copies have scratches, missing online pass, and missing manuals and boxes.

If block games were to occur, I think the best scenario that comes out of this is more frequent sales price of new games because publishers can afford to with higher margin of sales.
StrongMan  +   390d ago
So true. There have been numerous leaked documents and rumors stating that the next Xbox will block used games and for MS's sake I hope that's not true because if so they won't survive.
SDF Repellent  +   390d ago
Hey Strongman, It is so kind of you to have concern for the welfare of Microsoft, a true gentleman. /S
Jek_Porkins  +   390d ago
I'm not sure we ever got a clear answer from Sony with regards to the used game issue, they seemed very uncertain.

I bet they have something in place just in case Microsoft comes out against them, luckily we've recently heard Microsoft doesn't even offer digital games at the same time of release of the physical copies because they don't want to ruin their relationships with retail.

People have to keep in mind that retailers sell a lot more than just Xbox's for Microsoft, could be a lot of backlash if they did that.
Nafon  +   390d ago
Do a lot of people still buy used games? I don't know anyone who does. Im not trying to be an ass, just legitimately curious lol. If I want a game cheap, I wait a few weeks/months for it to go on sale.
from the beach  +   390d ago
I doubt game stores would stop stocking new games for a console because it blocks preowned games ... they'll be hit hard, clearly, the last thing they'll want to do is hamper sales further.
greenpowerz  +   390d ago
This used game's topic is getting out of hand. I'm glad media seem to see gamers are getting bored of it, finally.

Started many months ago when rumors of PS4 blocking used games appeared with a later leaked used games blocking patent of Sony's.

Stories came out about PS4 and then PS3 fans seen this as an attack on Sony so they turned it around on the 720 using a new rumored/leaked 720 feature with auto capability when online as an excuse to attack by spinning/misleading/misinformi ng/spreading false facts.

Doing this would hurt the industry not just the console maker. How much is hard to say considering the retailers would experience most of the hurt and not gamers.
When I shop at GS and see others shop, they and I would rather spend the extra $5 on a new copy vs a used copy being sold at almost full price(recent games vs years old ones)

From the gamer's point of view backwards compatibility is a bigger deal IMO.
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Smokingunz  +   390d ago
I agree with this article.also, I think this is something that ms wants to do thats why they leaked it as a rumor to see how people would react to it, then if they get too much negative backlash then by the time the system is to be released they'll drop the idea of blocking used games.I dont think they will block used games but something inside me tells me that maybe console manufacturers will give developers the option to block games or not, its either that or pay $70 for a game.at the end of the day I think if they go down that route, gamers will still buy games regardless but probably would be more careful of the games they purchase.im getting to that age where my video game playing days are going away anyway.
Droid Control  +   389d ago
R.I.P M$
PFFT  +   388d ago
I dont buy used games at ALL. And im sure there are more than a few people that do the same so no it wont die. I mean seriously, There are some people out there that dont know how to take care of their games. Its as if they swipe the disk in their arse. And the used game prices, with the exception to old titles most new used games are priced the same as a new game so its only natural to go for the game that is still in shrink wrap.
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