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IGN: The Last Of Us Demo(Off Screen) Part (1-3)

IGN: Take a look at off-screen gameplay footage of PS3's The Last of Us (PAX, PS3, The Last Of Us)

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Ezz2013  +   934d ago
BTW it's not the same as the other IGN topic
because this one have all the 3 parts of the demo
the other one only have one video
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ShugaCane  +   934d ago
That atmosphere... It's just breathtaking honestly. I looks to be one of the most immersive games of all time. And one of the most beautiful as well. The lighting effects in the beginning of the first video are amazing.
Ezz2013  +   934d ago
yeah even for an off screen video it look damn good
sony indeed have some of the best dev's on this planet
GribbleGrunger  +   933d ago
I'm just going to stand there and watch the rain running down the window panes for a while ... I love the detail they've put in this game.
Walker  +   934d ago
This game will be GOTY, serioulsy ! Looks truly fantastic !
Etseix  +   933d ago
all the disagrees can come and kiss the lowest par of the f" we all in here give about your opinion
Zool 08  +   933d ago
Xboxers Jealousy don't take any notice of them.
The_Infected  +   933d ago
The Last of Us is a true work of art. The Atmosphere is amazing and the realism looks very good. Can't wait for this game.
first1NFANTRY  +   933d ago
Great gameplay, story and level design?

sh%t count me in!
mahmoods26  +   933d ago
Ok, I really feel like saying FU because if the demo is ready, it should be in the hands of players and not just game journalists. It's unfair to first delay the game by two months and then delay the demo especially when people aren't getting it for free.
fei-hung  +   933d ago
The demo came with GoW:A. I think most people who bought GoW:A probably haven't played it yet or completely forgotten about it.
mahmoods26  +   933d ago
The demo doesn't come with GOW:A. It links you to a download which currently has a timer which will end on May 31st. Meaning you'll have to wait two months to get the demo which is essentially ready.
taquito  +   933d ago
Tons of jaggies everywhere, other than that looks ok

*are you guys watching in full screen?

there are artifacts everywhere...its looks good for a ps3 game on 8 year old hardware, sure, but honestly, uncharted 2 looks better
camel_toad  +   933d ago
"uncharted 2 looks better"? Do you honestly think Naughty Dog is magically getting worse over time programming for the ps3?
Studio-YaMi  +   933d ago
Wow,you again .. you have nothing better to do than troll Playstation articles huh ? mr.troll ..
godofboobees  +   933d ago
Your name is taquito. Nobody will take you serious
leogets  +   933d ago
your a bit of a cock arnt ya
Bathyj  +   933d ago
Ha. Those werent jaggies.
That was a staircase.
coolmast3r  +   933d ago
Ha! Good one! =D
kenshiro100  +   933d ago
You're either blind or tolling.
rezzah  +   933d ago
Trolling, he/she does this often.
Zha1tan  +   933d ago
my body is all kinds of ready for this
RTheRebel  +   933d ago
That xray crap better be optional, kills the atmosphere for me.
Bathyj  +   933d ago
it is
clintagious650  +   933d ago
I believe u can turn it off or is that just the sound option? Either way this game is going to be AMAZING but I believe sum impatient reviewers will complain about how easy u can die trying to be rambo. Lets hope not stupid reviewers.
grailly  +   933d ago
yeah, this guy was playing terribly. If you're sneaking around, please look at what you're trying to avoid!

@RTheRebel I guess the x-ray vision is for people who don't have a good surround sound system, I'll have to use it I think.
Sanquine90  +   933d ago
You do not have to use it ;)
chukamachine  +   933d ago

Jaggies from an offscreen video.

You just proved you know nothing.

Jaggies can be caused by a number of things when the game is offcam.

Are you worried PS4 is coming.
nintendoland  +   933d ago
it will be goty because it looks in your opinion fantastic? From that footage it looks like zombi u graphics. So not so good. According to your logic crysis 3 is GOTY.
There really haven't been any great games this year yet. But from what I've seen GTA V, binding of isaac rebirth, mew-genics, terraria new content pc, Wind Waker HD and Mario & Luigi Dream Team are looking good.
isa_scout  +   933d ago
I don't think he was saying graphically, just overall it looks fantastic. I'd agree with him.I'm guessing from your name and avatar that you've never played Uncharted 2 or 3. You're absolutely bonkers if you truely believe that Zombie U can hold a candle to a Naughty Dog game. Also, no good games have come out yet? Have you been living under a rock for the last few months? Tomb Raider is easily a GOTY canidate. I also enjoyed GoW:Acension and Gears:Judgement. Ohhhhh, you're talking aboout on the WiiU, ok I guess you're right no good games have come out yet.
Sanquine90  +   933d ago
He gives a comparison with zombie U because he is a Nintendo fanboy. This guy is trolling sony articles now and then! Maybe just maybe you need to stay on your own page ( Nintendo Wii U and 3ds)
Genuine-User  +   933d ago
Looks like zombi u? Lol
At least state it as an opinion to not look stupid pal.
kenshiro100  +   933d ago
...Grow up.
Studio-YaMi  +   933d ago
I have a Wii U & The Last of Us DEFINITELY looks much better than Zombie U.

Zombie U is actually really poor graphics-wise & gameplay-wise,nothing on the Wii U(till now at least) can be compared with The Last of Us,maybe in the near future when Nintendo first party exclusives come out or that smexy looking Project X.
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OWWO  +   933d ago
why so much hype over this game?? looks like DS3..but what can i say its for PS3..and ps3 users tries to show that every ps3 exclusive is great which is not..
P.S who the F says its a horror game. havent seen any horror scene yet
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isa_scout  +   933d ago
Why are you so butthurt? Here's an idea instead of hating, why don't you get a job and buy both systems and enjoy what both have to offer. That's what I did. I get to play Halo, Gears, GoW, and The Last of Us. I'm not some ahole fanboy that blindly says a game looks good or bad, but my eyes and ears can both clearly tell this game is going to be special.
4lc4pon3  +   933d ago
Hes just butt hurt because mommy wont buy him a PS3 and hes stuck with his crummy no exclusived games 360. "The Last Of Us" looks stunning period and will be amazing.

I dont see any games like this on the 360 which uses the same rehashed games rather then making some new great IPS
Bathyj  +   933d ago
So youre right and everyone else whose ever come within 10 feet of this game is wrong?

4lc4pon3  +   933d ago
Day one purchase for me. Absolutely stunning. Naughty Dog are the Best devs on the planet
jdktech2010  +   933d ago
Graphics and atmosphere do look good but unless the demo wows me, I might be passing on this one (got too many games to play as it is).

Just doesn't look to be my type of game but it's no doubt it's a well crafted experience even with the Naughty Dog B team on it.

Looking forward to the demo though to get a better idea.
lovegames718  +   933d ago
Resp... Taquito and Nintendoland....

Oh boy here comes the mad Nintendo faith fulls who thought into the wiius hype when everyone told them not to. It looks like zombie u? Yeah mediocre zombie u doesn't even look better than an old game like mgs4. Its pathetic really. Keep playing your rudimentary 2d old stale IPS and over here big boys will play advanced 3d games with awesome graphics and gameplay. Keep hoping a studio like retro. Validates your wiiu purchase because right now what is out now and what has been shown on wiiu can't Even compete with games like uc2 and gow3 let alone last of us.

Nintendo has swindled you once again claiming taking a loss on a system that doesn't cost nowhere near what their saying. Its been dissected after thy refused to tell ppl the specs bcus they know its current gen offerings. Complex 1080p 3d games aren't even possible on it but yet you guys dream Lol haha dream sheep and look forward to the year of Mario oh I mean Luigi but don't mention crap on the wiius in the same sentence as games of this caliber

Anyway I don't need to tell you this I'll let digital foundry and professionals to so Lol No devs on your whole entire team can best And and it may be opinion but hundreds of awards this year say otherwise.
ginsunuva  +   933d ago
So.... why did he run into a clicker at the end for no reason?
rbluetank  +   933d ago
the lighting was dead on when she helped him open the door. the lighting got smaller and more central on the door they were pushing open... amazing.. i wish the characters would sneeze while walking through the rain. it would be a small nod of details on how cold it was outside and how the weather was affecting them. i am very happy with the game and day one buy...

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