The Hyperkin Retron 5 can play almost any old game cartridge

Gaming accessories maker, Hyperkin is jumping back into the unique console market with their Retron 5, which will support even more systems than their Retron 3 did.

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SuperKiing1826d ago

@ sfsethfitzgerald
Looks pretty cool. When is it being released?

Yodagamer1826d ago

They said sometime after June

3-4-51825d ago

SNES + GBA on one system ?!

Rockefellow1826d ago

HDMI out with upscaling properties? It might finally be worth pulling out my old collection of games. I emulate everything since I don't want a half dozen systems littering my entertainment center, but this would do the trick nicely.

I'll wait to see how well it works, of course.

Software_Lover1826d ago

Man, that looks nice. I'm not even gonna lie. I play all my old games through emulation and the hyperspin frontend, but that device given the right price I could see myself owning.

bit-crusherrrr1826d ago

No neo geo and no jaguar :(

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