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Digital Chumps: "The Wii U port of NFS Most Wanted was done with care and it shows."

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TruthbeTold1673d ago

I'm enjoying this one so far. It's fast paced and thrilling at times. I understand the criticisms of it being too easy/not enough penalty, but this is a late port and they found a way to make it unique, in addition to making it the best looking console version by far. I'm glad for the 'God mode' type of gameplay. I just want to experience the game at high pace, high intensity without the tedium of the past. If only other Wii U ports had had this much thought put into them, and Dev kits of the quality that Criterion had for this.

mcstorm1673d ago

I agree other developers need to look at this game when they do a port for the Wiiu.

thezeldadoth1673d ago

Deus Ex is looking to be awesome.

mcstorm1672d ago

Ya I agree. Im going to pick it up wen its out. If I did not have nfsmw on my vita ide pick this game up as well.

hduce1673d ago

Maybe other developers will get the memo when doing a port for the Wii U. No more of that half ass crap they have been putting out.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

@TbT "Well Said"

I don't really get some of the criticisms of that the WiiU features receive.

How is it bad to make a game that has the OPTION to make it more accessible to NEW PLAYERS, younger players, and Bad players?

It's an OPTION, not a necessity.

From the Video interviews, I thought the people at Criterion were brilliant in implementing this mode.

(Personally, I think that most games should have the ability to lower or raise difficulty; even if it knocks the game out of wack. Nightmare modes can be very fun even when you're getting slaughtered.)

hduce1673d ago

I stopped playing the Need For Speed series until I was tempted to try this out for the Wii U and I have to say this is how a port should be done.

DivineAssault 1672d ago

i wanna see a head 2 head on this one..