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It's a tablet...It's a gaming PC...It's the Razer Edge | Game Guys

It seems these days that the video game industry is changing faster than ever with new consoles, advances in PC gaming, and the emergence of mobile and tablet gaming all grabbing headlines over the past few years. Well, a new piece of high-end gaming hardware is due out at the end of the month courtesy of Razer. It's portable, powerful, and full of promise. It also has a price tag that packs quite the punch. (PC, Razer Edge, Tech)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   711d ago
So wait... When you're playing games on your TV the tablet stays on and retains the same feed shown on the television? Do not like. It should at least function as a secondary screen. Hopefully devs will understand this idea and utilize it in their upcoming games.

Other than this small complaint the hardware seems really solid.
SactoGamer  +   711d ago
It depends on how the user sets up Windows 8 to handle a second screen.
Gaming101  +   710d ago
Honestly, who needs two screens? I mean, is anyone seeing the value in having a second screen for anything? They thought up ways to use your PSP as a second screen, and all devs could come up with was using it as a rear view mirror in an F1 racing game... lame.
Murad  +   710d ago
Actually, I personally wouldn't buy this just because it runs windows 8.
Bigpappy  +   711d ago
If the developers see this as worth while, they could do a lot of great things with these tablet/PC's. These are very powerful handhelds.
The Surface Pro is also a decent gaming PC by the way. The question is how many gamers are willing to pay the asking price. I personally want the surface, but not so much for gaming. I am a console gamer. Just want to pickup and play.
mcstorm  +   710d ago
I agree. I have a surface rt and once you buy the 360 usb adaptor to connect the 360 controllers to the tablet it really makes it a fun gaming device to use on the tv.

I know the rt is not up there in terms of power but playing games like snes8x in 2 player mode or hydro thunder with force feed back is fun.

I don't think tablets will replace gaming machines as they always have the advantage in terms of power over mobile devices but if marketed right they could be sold as a gaming device to rival handheld devices if they can get the price at the same price as the psv and 3ds.
Axecution  +   711d ago
The specs on this thing are crazy. An i7 with a 256GB SSD and 8 gigs of RAM in a Tablet?

The price is a bit unreasonable at the moment, but this could easily be a huge game-changer for gaming.
Tuxmask55  +   711d ago
I just wish it were cheaper. Then again, you get what you pay for.
Krew_92  +   711d ago

I understand why the price would be so high, because they're fitting all of that into a small form factor, and also including a touch screen.

But saying that, you can still build a better gaming computer at a much cheaper price. I know it wouldn't be portable, but you can get what this has, and more at a cheaper price.

Just like the Xi3's Piston, it only costs so much because its small size. I would say the Pistion has pretty good specifications, but it has a pretty bad GPU. I spent about $500 on a laptop with an i5 and a 540M that would run games at a higher frame than the Piston.

Although this tablet would run games a little better but not by much, I would rather spend $600 with a few less FPS than add +$400 or possibly $900 more for a little speed increase.

At that price I would just buy their Razer Blade laptop, or just build a desktop.
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despair  +   710d ago
the razor name alone adds 300 bucks to the price as well. It looks good but I agree that it is way overpriced.
OpenGL  +   710d ago
Yeah it has an "i7" but it's a dual core variant that only runs at ~2GHz.

Compared to other tablets like the iPad or even Surface Pro it's still powerful as hell though thanks to the inclusion of the Kepler based Geforce GT 640M LE.
Lisica  +   710d ago
And PS gamers think that PS4 is something special...
SilentNegotiator  +   711d ago
How pointless.

It's over-priced, it has a terrible interface for games on its own, I already have great hardware hooked up to my TV, you can get a more powerful laptop for a comparable price...
hesido  +   710d ago
It may currently be pointless but it may be signs of a new trend, you never know.
josephayal  +   711d ago
Nice and expensive
araman  +   711d ago
Nothing about the battery? That's the biggest concern here.
SactoGamer  +   711d ago
That'll come in the review once we get a chance to play around with one of these for more than just one hour.
Ritsujun  +   710d ago
2 to 3 hours on power-eating games.
DivineHand125  +   711d ago
Users will be better off building gaming PC's or buying a console or handheld with that kind of investment. Also there is no way a device carrying that much power will have good battery life.
with that aside I'd like to say that after using an android tablet for some time now i can say i am disappointed by the gaming side of it since they lack depth and the controls are terrible for the ones that try to emulate buttons and analog sticks on the touch screen. Also the gimmicky accelerometer controls for racing games almost makes them unplayable. What boggles my mind the most is that none of the developers on the android platform tried to copy the controls for the touch screen only games on the Nintendo DS that were acceptable.
Bigpappy  +   711d ago
I think M$ is going to take back a lot of what it lost to Apple and Android in the portable PC Biz. These Win 8 tablets, aren't just toys. They can do everything those weak tables can do, while you can also get real school and business work done the same way you would on a laptop or desktop. They really have a big edge because of they foothold in the business world and strong OEM support. Some of these tablet convertible are very powerful when compared to what Apple or Android have on the market.
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Krew_92  +   711d ago
The experience from an Android tablet to this would be pretty big, since you would be able to play big name games on this with Windows 8.

The GPU on this is pretty good, you would be able to run any game on pretty much medium-high. With a few on ultra.

I've had an Android tablet before, and I can say I was disappointed with its gaming capabilities as well, but I only really got it for reading and internet browsing. Not even OnLive helped in my opinion.

Also I think everyone should know that this will have horrible battery life. Every single laptop that has a dedicated GPU can't run for more than an hour or two. That's stock of course.

I can see Intel's Turbo Boost helping in this case.

At $1,000 though call me cheap but heck no.
profgerbik  +   711d ago
This literally has to be the first product I have ever really disliked by Razer. They usually make really awesome stuff, this just seems like a quick sell for Windows 8.

Seems like a waste and I am a huge fan of Razer. Their mouses and keyboards are top to none, they make nice gaming laptops also, too expensive like all the others but not as bad looking as this tablet that is for sure.
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4lc4pon3  +   711d ago
that is false honestly. Razr keyboard & mice are NOT top to non. Razr products are not the most reliable and for the quality there prices are a bit on the high side.

Ive owned dozens of razr products and honestly there not that great. especially there mech keyboards there are SO many better mech boards for the money.
TechnicianTed  +   711d ago
Why have you owned dozens of Razr products if you don't think they're that great?
4lc4pon3  +   710d ago
Im an overclock.net pc enthusiast. Ive tested and owned thoudands of products from good and bad. Razr is not the best ive had 4-5 deathadders die within a few months of owning them.

AS for there mech keyboards they mainly use blue switches but u will notice there keys wobble some.

I use felco. Ducky shine boards or noppoo choc mini's
profgerbik  +   710d ago
I find that so unbelievable about the deathadder, I have several Razer mouses also and I actually even have one on a computer of mine, that is very old. The Razer Copperhead made in 2009. It is so gross and dirty now other than having dusted it off every now and then but I shit you not it still works the same as it did out of the box. It has been on also ever since I bought it, because the computer I use it with, has always been on.

Also depends, I don't like mechanical keys and I am sure many don't actually anymore. Stopped using them years ago. I even play FPS competitively just fine without my old Filco Majestouch.. games I did play in were Quake, Unreal Tournement, Half Life 2, CS and Tribes. Also was into Warhammer.

Problem with those keyboards is they are for very specific gamers mainly professionals, they are really traditional also which in a way holds them back. Where as I can use my Deathstalker for more than just a specific genre of gaming, let alone more than just for gaming and it has features that are more useful in today's world as well.. not one that revolves around games, FPS or RTS.

You also didn't mention much for being someone who has reviewed so much. Just weird you review so much also yet you can't spell Razer or Filco right? That just irks me a little.
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4lc4pon3  +   710d ago
The reason for the misspelled words is because I was txting this on a phone. haha ur so lame you got irritated because a couple of words got misspelled?

Mech keyboards are so far advanced and accurate compared to Dome keys its pathetic. You can use your Razer products all you want IMO Razer products are mediocre to junk. I will stick to my Brown & Black Mech Keys and roccat & Mionix mice
DeadManMcCarthy  +   711d ago
I still prefer a PC for anything gaming related.
Hellsvacancy  +   710d ago
Nice story, thanks for sharing
ironfist92  +   711d ago
A portable gaming PC in tablet form? Colour me intrigued. Would be great for Steam games too.
oisdiopjsdf   711d ago | Spam
tubers  +   711d ago

It's very thick.

I think an AMD A10 laptop has a much better value if you have to go portable. Might be cheaper as well.
GABRIEL1030  +   711d ago
1.300 USD is a lot of money for a tablet. I'll pass.
Rhaigun  +   711d ago
At that price,most people will. This thing will barely get off the ground. Has no one learned anything from the 3DO?
imXify  +   711d ago
I don't really think it's that expensive. Any ultrabook with the same graphic card will go up between 1400-2200 dollars. Less than that and you get the integrated Intel graphics.
tubers  +   710d ago
LOL way to miss GPUs in between HD 4000 and GT 630/40m.

Not to mention AMD APU's w/c has better value in terms of (just) gaming.

That being said.. It may not be that expensive. Sure hope that's at least an IPS panel.
nosferatuzodd  +   710d ago
It will dud like everything windows 8 related
chrish1990  +   710d ago
Hmm, I'll stick with the PS Vita.
leogets  +   710d ago
PSH my nexus 7 beats this overrated pile of expensive shit..
Letros  +   710d ago
Lol mobile gaming is terrible, nice try
ATi_Elite  +   710d ago
Portable Gaming = A Laptop with better specs, more features, and cheaper than that Razer. (scroll down a bit)


It's a cool start and a powerful Tablet that just goes to show you that Tablets will have Leap Frog the NextGen Consoles in power before they even release.
OneAboveAll  +   710d ago
It's a waste of money...
SpecialK  +   710d ago
Not bad.

I wouldn't buy one of these at that price, but its a great sign of things to come.

Ive always wanted a true console experience that I can take around with me. The psp was as close as I got to that.

But tablets are making some big strides. Racing games in particular are playing nicely, and shooters will get there once they figure out the controls.

If this thing was cheaper, and the controller attachment a little more elegant, we would finally have the one size fits all system.

Something that gives you console/ pc quality games in the living room on a tv, which you can then take away and have the same experience wherever you want.
hazelamy  +   710d ago
i'd like one, but dayum, way out of my price range.

maybe when i win the lottery. ^_^
kB0  +   710d ago
I'd love to have the portability, but I'd feel like an idiot using that thing on the subway...I mean it's huge... I feel ridiculous enough with the vita or 3Ds sometimes LOL.

I honestly think I'll wait for Nvidia Shield. Looks like it will be cheap...I can play android/emulator games ont he go...and my pc games when I get home on the toilet or in bed:P
Yukicore  +   710d ago
GeForce GT 640M LE is a joke, barely handles games from 2008 on high settings. I know that it's a tablet, but seriously. There are Home gaming systems and Portable gaming systems, this one wants to be fit between those two, so it doesn't give the performance as Home gaming systems and isn't as portable as portable gaming systems.

Where does it fit into human's lives. It would be silly to carry this big device with you. Only on a journey where you use a transport, that you're not driving, is where this device would deliver.

Also I don't see how i7 processor should be an option for a GAMING tablet, as it gives no performance improvements whatsoever in gaming 4 fp/s tops.
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