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500 Platinums & 25000+ Trophies Unlocked

500 Platinums unlocked and captured live.
In this video you will see Hakoom explain some things at the start, and then show how he unlocks 500 plats along with lvl 83 after it.

*May contain Ni No Kuni Spoilers* (PS3)

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Congrats Hakoom!

That giant ball in the big room is called the sun, and no,,,,, there is no trophy or cheat code to touch it. :b JK JK!!!
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Hakoom  +   641d ago
lol thanks
ThanatosDMC  +   641d ago
Is this legit? Because there's higher levels out there but they're all hacked. So im doubting it's real.

Also, why does the sound get cut in your game?
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Sarobi  +   641d ago
I'm gonna catch up to you Hak.. I'm already 55 platinums in~!
morganfell  +   640d ago
"... it really opens the door to any person with a blog to post their achievement and post it here."

I can't post directly in reply below so here.

This is the problem with blogs in general. They were once outlawed here and now look at the trash on N4G. Not that supposed legit news is any better but N4G is composed of articles that are 99% personal opinion so why should it matter?
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admiralvic  +   640d ago
This is in response to your reply to DragonKnight, since I can't reply there.

This is not his first article on N4g, not even his first one this month, since I recall him doing an unboxing for God of War. Now the unboxings are okay, but he routinely puts these articles on N4g for any "accomplishment" he deems fit and they ALWAYS end with drama.

As far as your PS, he really brings it on himself, which makes me wonder why you would defend him. 3/4 of his posts in this article alone are absurdly arrogant to the point where it makes me wonder how anyone can "like" or even respect him. When you have an ego that size, make it a point to religiously note you're "legit" and shy away from anything that involves helping others publicly, you have to assume something is up. Furthermore, a number of details about him seem to conflict with one another.

He has time to eat, make these videos, maintain a public image, platinum games for pay (I assume someone has paid him) and even according to him, has time to debate with his nonbelievers.
Myst  +   641d ago
Good lord..
Zieben  +   641d ago
good lord he hasn't seen the sun in 5 years!
Hakoom  +   641d ago
u mean the sun hasnt seen me in 5 years...
its the opposite
DragonKnight   641d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
ApolloTheBoss  +   641d ago
Christ how can he even have a day job with all that time he spent on the PS3? How is this even possible??
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SOD_Delta  +   641d ago
It's possible, especially with multiple people playing on the account.
ApolloTheBoss  +   641d ago
Hmm never thought of that.
sunnygrg  +   641d ago
Well, he IS a hacker, so it's no wonder he has this many trophies. I don't know why people even bother getting trophies if they haven't "earned" it themselves.

Maybe, Sony should consider changing the notification for some of the cheats on the leaderboard to "You earned the trophy, but since you really didn't 'earn' it, here's a poop."

I have 5000 trophies myself, but since I earned them all on my own, I wouldn't change it for the world.
wantedboys  +   641d ago
CAN you Prove he's a hacker?!!!!
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admiralvic  +   641d ago
CAN you Prove he isn't a hacker?!!!!

I always loved this semantic argument.
IK IR Y IP T  +   641d ago
He is a save file cheater they have websites u share save files on somebody has already busted him and made a video thats why he scrambled to make a video making him look legit
Hakoom  +   641d ago
actualy u are a hacker and u use jailbreak to obtain trophies and submit your work on hack websites..
i saw you once posting there :)
dont accuse em of hacking when u dont have proof and just speak out of ur a$$.
you are a hypocrite
see what i did there? its cool right?
i dont have more bubles to reply after this.. but i just wanted to show everyone how much of a troll you are + your folowers on this post.. who post the same stuf over and over.. dont speak without proof...
if you wana continue this discusion you can do it thorugh pm or on my site.. and il make sure to own every inch of u in a 1 to 1 discusion publicly..
you and your friends here got balls? lets open a discusion on my forums and lets see how you can proove i have hacked 500 plats.. or even 5 plats..
i will open a discusion now and iam waiting for u :)
kza  +   640d ago
So fast to defend yourself, truth hurts Hakoom!!!!!!
claud3  +   641d ago
That is really really sad, i mean why on earth
ZeroChaos  +   641d ago
Legit? Really I doubt that.

I sense Hakoom your going to be banned from N4G the same way that HHG was. Your articles add no value to the discussion of trophies or add any useful information other than fueling you own egoistical nature.
DragonKnight  +   641d ago
Thank you, somebody gets it. Report this stuff as lame by clicking on the little cogs in the picture, and then on report. This stuff is Lame and doesn't belong on the site.
Mio  +   640d ago
I dont get you guys, why so much hate?
He actually doing all this, because he gets 1000's of psn msg everyday, people on Facebook or Twitter asking him stuff and wants to see. He cant reply to everyone so he uploading videos for people who are interested in and to answer all their Questions.

Why do you have a problem with that? He can put his stuff on N4G like every other stuff gets approve also. Does it hurt you?
ZeroChaos  +   640d ago
I think your missing the point here. When Hakoom posts something it is always "him" reaching a milestone. Its always yeah I got [insert number of platinum] or [total trophies unlocked]! Its not Ni No Kuni helpful tips and trophy information.

Look at the picture, he highlights his 500th, his name present, his website present, and the title filled with ego. HHG was the same here and he got banned.
josephayal  +   641d ago
I only have like, 900 bronze trophies
gobluesamg  +   641d ago
Someday he is gonna look back on his life and realize that he in fact missed his life. He's also obviously never been romantically involved with a woman because she wouldn't let him play all day and night.
Grimhammer00  +   641d ago
You under estimate the power of handcuffs, a dog bowl and a deranged trophy whore.

Too much? Nah
RTheRebel  +   641d ago
He Still Needs
Get Laid Platinum Trophy ;)
YoungPlex  +   641d ago
Good job Hakoom, now go get yourself a well deserved platinum "Pussy", cat trophy, you've earned it! lol jk bro, nice job!
IK IR Y IP T  +   641d ago
Oh its the hacker who steals not only one but four of the same game this loser is bad for gaming save file cheater sony should take care of his lame ass !
dcortz2027  +   641d ago
Dios mio that is a shizz load of trophies haha!!
girlwithturn  +   641d ago
He thought it was nuclear war.

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kza  +   641d ago
Hakoom u have an addiction this is not a real life achievement. I love getting platinums and spending hours gaming BUT unfortunately most people have a thing called a JOB! Dont u have a job or any responsibility u know in the REAL word???? how can any1 spend that much time BOOSTING (CHEATING) most of ur trophies WTF thats not legit. And no im not jealous like u accuse people on utube LMAO grow up!!!

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