Is it ethical to disallow the use of used games?

Pixel Enemy's William Pelegrin takes a look at used games then weighs up the pros and cons.

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Run_bare1855d ago

Used games has values, not that I buy used games, but I trade in alot of games for new ones.

If used games has no value, that means I can't trade in anymore and that is sucks, especially in today's economy.

MikeMyers1855d ago

Which is why we need that cycle to continue. If people buy less games then less risks will be taken by the industry.

The best way to curb companies from implementing blocks for used games is to make it illegal.


Ownership is such a gray area. We can buy and sell goods all the time from cars to clothing to books. So now that it is digital form they want to take away that. If they make it legal to sell those digital goods then this would be a non-issue. The problem with digital goods is they are an exact replica of the original. So there is no depreciation factor other than online play if they took down the servers. That's why people buy new cars, older ones break down or need repairs. Older games don't follow those same guidelines. Still, you should be able to own digital goods.

Neoprime1855d ago

Yes it is wrong, retailers need that money, and it create jobs for our economy, we already don't have jobs for people in this country why take away more when we need more, it's not even about greed anymore but just pure stupidity and control.

FlameBaitGod1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

You think companies care about creating jobs lol. They close stores all the time because they don't make the money THEY expected. The majority of companies who file for bankruptcy do it because they don't reach the estimates they had projected, not because they where losing money. They just file for bankruptcy and form a whole new entity.

Neoprime1855d ago

If they have no retailers they can't sell anything physical.

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Lifebanisher1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

hmmm ok mr article maker you try and be a Game developer and see how people pass around your finished product without giving back money to you and then answer me is it ethical?

xXxSeTTriPxXx1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Couldn't have said it any better tbh.I love gaming so I support the people who make it possible.

BanBrother1855d ago

I agree and disagree. It pisses me off when people buy a used game instead of the 'new' one, as they are being cheap trying to save $5. Another thing though is that not everyone can afford new games, and the restrictions will effect all of us.

I always buy used, unless I can't find a 'new' version of an older game. So, someone like me who buys 'new' is penalised, as if I want to lend it to a friend/brother, I can't.

Maybe developers should reward people who buy new instead of punish all of us? And I don't mean cut content that would have otherwise been in the game and pass it off as 'bonus' content. At the end of the day, developers/publishers should set clear goals with their game and how much they are willing to invest. Set realsitic sales numbers etc.

Philoctetes1855d ago

Of course it is. People buy and sell used cars all the time, and nobody thiks anything of it. There is no ethical difference between buying a used F-150 from its current owner and buying a used copy of GOW3.

It would be differen if we were talking about downloading a copy of a digital file from a server someplace, but as long as we're talking about the resale of physical media, there's no ethical issue involved at all. You own it and it's yours to resell if you can find a buyer.

Lifebanisher1855d ago

well if you put it that way i guess i'll have to agree with you. i just wanted to see how people would react to my comment if they were put on the developers shoes. for us it will be ethical, but for the developers and publishers it will be a lost sale which for them is not ethical at all, cause it's just like piracy a lost sale and piracy is considered stealing but lending your stuff or reselling well it's not the same as piracy, but it is still hard to come with a conclusion if it's ethical or not.

JasonKCK1855d ago

What does ethics have to do with used games?

creepjack1855d ago

Why isnt anyone discussing the severe impact on new game sales a ban on used games will bring? More and more publishers are REQUIRING larger and larger sales numbers, and if you take away trading in used games towards new ones, then its a guarantee that new games sales will suffer , quite a lot too.

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