Randy Pitchford gives fans free Borderlands 2 loot ahead of his PAX East panel

Randy Pitchford gave out SHiFT Codes for use in “Borderlands 2” in preparation of the Gearbox Software panel coming up tomorrow at PAX East. There is a separate SHiFT code for each system that the game appears on and fans may redeem them for a single golden key, good for free loot inside “Borderlands 2.”

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Excalibur1889d ago

Can someone PLEASE tell me why these lame "gold key" shift codes are still news?

They are a dime a dozen and unlock utter crap.

rawshack1889d ago

not true man ive got a few good e tech guns from these chests . golden keys are lame after awhile but its the only place in the game i know where to get purple guns from with out farming .

dumahim1888d ago

LOTR homage up the volcano gives two chests of purple and it doesn't cost anything.

Soldierone1888d ago

I assume he won't be talking about Aliens at this event lol

zerocrossing1888d ago

Im surprised he's actually willing to show his face in public...

dumahim1888d ago

They talked about it briefly.

fei-hung1888d ago

he is giving away LOOT he stole from Sega :p

finite1888d ago

Im surprised, wait I am not these keys no longer work either .. what a waste ...LOL