Mass Effect Retrospective "It's Right to Move On"

IGN - BioWare talks about their memories of Mass Effect in this trailer that goes over all of the games and listens to the memories of the team.

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v0rt3x1888d ago

I'd move on too with an ending like that...

CapsLocke1887d ago ShowReplies(2)
aLucidMind1887d ago

For me, it wasn't the ending so much as BioWare's behavior towards any bit of criticism on top of IGN basically acting like their attack dogs more than actual journalists.

PirateThom1887d ago

Yeah, BioWare can go to hell.

Never before have I seen an entire industry back a developer over the consumer, which was exactly what happened with ME3.

Probably the most disgusting display I have ever seen.

pandehz1887d ago

Im really glad I got to play the Mass Effect series in my lifetime.

rick46911887d ago

I loved the Maass Effect series, even if I didn't really like the ending. Watching this video reminded me of all the great moments I played through in this amazing series! Makes me realize how much I miss my crew! haha :D

FreakyFox1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Great series, i would like to see more of the Mass Effect universe.