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Destrutoid: "It seems the one thing we've really heard the most fuss about Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut is the boss battles. Whilst they were a bone of contention in the original versions of the game, this newer version on the Wii U has boss fights that are much more adaptable and more in-tune with the Deus Ex ethos. That's not the only thing to get fixed up though -- there's a whole host of improvements and tweaks being made to the game."

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PopRocks3591856d ago

Take a game, bump up the graphics, include the DLC, make some new content, fix any potential issues AND take advantage of the Wii U's features and you have yourself a proper rerelease. Good to know it's shaping up well, according to the article.

MikeMyers1855d ago

That's what they have to do, make it worth it. If Nintendo wants older titles coming to the Wii U platform they need to convince consumers why they should either play it again or why they should pay $60 all over again.

N4g_null1855d ago

That is not nintendos problem that is the other publishers problem. It has been like that since the Atari arcade ports.

Trago13371855d ago

I wanna see how they fixed those boss fights. Those were my main issue with the game.

jsslifelike1855d ago

I also hope they patched in fun. We'll see.

sarcastoid1855d ago

That's great for Wii U gamers. Personally, I will not be purchasing a Wii U and so it disappoints me after supporting and loving DX:HR that I will not be able to play this version. It's a shame, as I feel a vast majority of the fans of DX:HR would gladly invest some more money into this great franchise to experience a much more polished and improved version if it were to release on the platforms the original did.

1855d ago
LOL_WUT1855d ago

A PR stunt. So, before we get carried away lets wait it out. ;)

DEATHxTHExKIDx1855d ago

Any game ported to wiiU should be the superior version.

PopRocks3591855d ago

All depends on how much time and effort is put into it.

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The story is too old to be commented.