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Paste: "Ni No Kuni is a game at war with itself. During peacetime it’s what you expect: fun, goofy, charming, occasionally painfully sad and nearly always beautiful. During combat it feels like War and Peace to the rest of the game’s Peter Pan. These halves are both fine, but they don’t lock into a single whole. The cumulative game doesn’t resonate, and the difference between the narrative and play mechanics is both jarring and off-putting, especially combined with design that gets in its own way far too frequently. This is a game you want to whisk you away from school, work and the real world in general. It does that, sometimes, in spurts. But there’s always something laborious waiting to bring you back to Earth. Even the Pevensies had to go home sometime."

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dafegamer2094d ago

lol @ the score. I hope those guys are kidding

secretcode2094d ago

And this is why outside of Giant Bomb and a few others, I don't pay attention to reviews/scores.

riverstars862094d ago

The game is at best an 8/10. Coming from an unbiased gamer who has played almost all jrpg's this generation. Still gotta say Lost Odyssey is the best and is what FFXIII should have been.

Killzoner992094d ago

Nice try TROLLS. Sorry Ni no Kuni didn't come out for your precious Xbox. The 360 could never run this masterpiece of a game. This game is without a doubt in the top 3 JRPGs of all time. Possibly the best. To doubt that says that you've never played the game or you're just plain trolling.

WildArmed2094d ago

But scores are always biased, the fact that you said "at best" an 8/10, supports that.

Personally, I'm loving the game. It's easily a 9/10 for me. And I've been playing JRPGs from more than just this silly generation.

riverstars862094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )


Considering I have the game and the fact that you have a bad reputation on this website, the only troll here is you. Guarantee you have never even played the game.

fermcr2094d ago

I've played this game for 4-5 hours (bored to death) and i honestly can't understand how this game got all the 9's and 10's. If this game wasn't a exclusive, it wouldn't get all the praise it got. Way overhyped and overscored.

riverstars862094d ago

I have to agree, it's still a good game, but some people on this website will praise it until the end just because it is an exclusive for PS3. I've read that some people think this is the best RPG of all time, I know there are some bias people on N4G, but that is just crazy talk.

Transporter472094d ago

This game is what a JRPG should be like, not the crap like FFXIII. Kind of sad how you think this game is over scored because you don't like it.

DOMination-2094d ago

It has got its fair share of bad reviews too. I guess it gave people nostalgia as its quite a traditional jrpg i believe and people find that charming. I have yet to play it but for that reason alone i know I'll probably enjoy it.

GribbleGrunger2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Fella, in terms of JRPGs 4 - 5 hours is the equivalent of configuring your controller. You haven't started the game yet.

franwex2094d ago


I'm 17 hours in and there is no change. Waaay over hyped. I quit playing a month ago. There are better rpgs out.

DigitalAnalog2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Let me guess: You desperately want your "OCD Shopping List" RPG isn't it. You just want everything to fall under your plate so you can constantly feel you have achieved goals even though it something meaningless like killing 5 chickens and collect/kill items/bandits and random caves/dungeons etc.

2093d ago
DigitalRaptor2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

So basically fermcr, you played about 1/16th of what the game has to offer and you've come to the conclusion that it's overhyped and overscored? Good logic there champ. Superb. smh. At 4-5 hours you've barely scratched the surface.

Ni no Kuni was delivered praise even as a NDS title. The collaboration with Studio Ghibli and the fact that LEVEL-5 is a great developer with an admirable track record was where half the hype came from. The fact is, Ni no Kuni is an incredibly well-crafted JRPG.

Then we've got j-blaze in here who hasn't played it and still thinks it's overrated for the reason proclaimed as it being a PS3 exclusive. Funny how logic doesn't pass through that guy's cranium.

Tell me j-blaze, since when was Lost Odyssey with a 78% metacritic considered AAA?? Xenoblade Chronicles is locked in at 92%, but tell me... apart from Xenoblade and Lost Odyssey, where are the rest of these "AAA JRPGs" that PS3 fans have been missing?

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SephirothX212094d ago

Its an opinion. Are they not entitled to one? Its funny how a game needs to get 8 or over to be considered good while a movie that gets 6 or over is considered good.

secretcode2094d ago

As I've learned from how gaming websites work: Opinions are wrong unless they are the same as yours.

admiralvic2094d ago

@ Secretcode

For some people / cases that is true, but a lot of it has to do with how you word things. If the fans of this game / genre see you gave it a honest go and realize it just wasn't for you, most of them will respect the fact you tried. The same goes for the opposite group, though some people do get lost in their opinion to accept others.

admiralvic2094d ago

Most RPG's start slow, so I am not surprised.

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Aceman182094d ago

this site fails. no click for you.

garos822094d ago

ok paste about you stick with toothpaste reviews and leave the games to no kuni is far from perfect but to give it a 6.7 is plain delusional

AsheXII2094d ago

Im a big fan of Jrpgs and this game was indeed a disappointment. Its bad enough that you can't express your opinion without having your intention questioned.

The combat system is mediocre and its AI is poor, there is too much padding in an already uneventful plot.

SOD_Delta2094d ago

I agree with you. Ni No Kuni is beautiful, but other than that I too found it disappointing.

6.7/10 isn't a terrible score. It's a rather reasonable score.

silvacrest2094d ago

you expressed your opinion and everyone else is expressing there's, whatever their intentions they have that right

you cant express your opinion and then turn and complain when people reply with there own

im also a big fan of jrpgs, i've played the tales series, final fantasy and a host of others so i can appreciate different combat systems

ni no kuni manages to pull off a very user friendly combat style but not something so dumb down that a seasoned jrpg fan would be put off by

i'll agree that your companion AI is poor, to often they would blow all their magic in one fight

uneventful plot? really? i wont even go there, that will make this already long post a TL;DR

hell, i bet im already there

AsheXII2094d ago

Im not complaining about replies, what i said couldn't be more clear. There is a difference between arguing against my cons of the game and saying i must be a troll just because i have a different opinion.

One poses as a conversation, the other is a dismissal based on ignorance.

admiralvic2094d ago

While I would love to say you're right, I've seen a LOT of sites look at reviews like editorials.

Like I saw one site give Rising a 3/10, which in no reality is that a fair score. You can hate everything about the game and disagree with its existence, but it DOES work as intended, so it should at least be average. That review in question was more about how it wasn't Metal Gear Solid and despite Snake / Solid being missing from the game, they still felt they were trying to be Metal Gear Solid. Sure this is someones opinion, but when you work as a "professional", you also need some creditability.

I doubt anyone is saying it's hard to fathom this game getting a low score, but I can see some people thinking this score is a "trolling for hits" article. One of the BIGGEST things against late reviews is that scores can be skewed by other media outlets. If 80% of the sites give it a 7.9 or better at launch and many people call it the greatest RPG this year / generation (as I've seen some people claim), then it's not hard to believe the person might have inflated expectations versus people who reviewed it without all the good buzz. Just my 2 cents, but it seems a lot of later scores for this game have been 6's, which I suspect has a lot to do with this concept.

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