Did Blizzard Just Use Diablo III PC Screenshots To Advertise the PS3 Version?

Yesterday Blizzard Entertainment opened a new page dedicated to the PS3 version of Diablo 3 showing, between the other things, six screenshots allegedly coming from the console port.

Turns out that at least for two of those screenshots this isn't the case.

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v0rt3x1888d ago

Blizz at PS4 event was such a joke.

morganfell1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

I know plenty of people that were not laughing.

The Blizzard forums were full of angry crybabies. None of them were laughing.

I wasn't laughing because I realize the importance of a company like Blizzard pushing to consoles in such a huge manner.

Some didn't like D3. Are they going to sink that company over that game despite their amazing record? They would be foolish to discount them. You made that very remark vortex. You listed several of their great games and then say, "Things have gone downhill since D3."

Well goodbye.

Or is it that butthurt PC elitists will now attempt to downplay anything Blizzard does because they have one big adolescent upset stomach.


They had better get used to the idea because plenty of other PC exclusive devs are getting ready to bolt for a much more lucrative platform with lower piracy and a fixed configuration. PC gamers should realize something. And I say this being a person that grew up on PC despite having a 64.

PC gamers made the situation inevitable. They need to stop blaming devs and go take a good long hard look in the mirror at the people responsible for developers and publishers moving to consoles.

aliengmr1888d ago

Let's just hope piracy doesn't become a larger issue on the next-gen consoles.

So tell me, What part did you play in this "inevitable" situation. You grew up on PC, so you must share the blame. I am just going to assume you pirated all your games, because like you said, PC gamers are all pirates.

ThanatosDMC1888d ago

It's not the fact that it's going to consoles. It's the fact that Diablo 3 was made for consoles. 6 slot spells, being unable to change skills on the fly, etc.

Larry L1888d ago

Thanatos, d3 having 6 slots obviously had nothing to do with consoles. The game wasnt designed with consoles in mind first of all. And not to mention "6" is in no way a number of buttons a controller is limited to, especially for a game of this genre. Both controllers have 8 buttons right on the face for skill/item slots, then just using L2 and R2 as modifiers for the face buttons you have 24 slots minus 1 for basic attack.

So don't try and act as though skill slots are a limiting factor of consoles please. It's nonsense.

CalvinKlein1888d ago

hahahahaha Do you ps3 fanboys listen to the crap that you write?

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NastyLeftHook01888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

would they not want to advertise the"ps4" version instead of the ps3?

edit @ abriael, that could be it.

Abriael1888d ago

Probably the PS4 version is still in the early stages of development considering that the console isn't even near to release.

raytraceme1888d ago

I doubt it's too hard to port it to the ps4 since it's basically a pc.

aliengmr1888d ago

Would there even be a big difference at all?

I wouldn't expect much downgrading to the PS3. D3 was pretty lite on the visuals.

Abriael1888d ago

No idea, it's just weird that they used screenshots from the PC Beta, not even from the final version.

SilentNegotiator1888d ago

Came here to say the same. Diablo 3 wasn't exactly a beast to render.

Timesplitter141888d ago

Is that really such a huge deal? Nobody is expecting a completely new game with new visuals. The PS4 version may not be presentable yet. This doesn't look to me like a case where they're trying to trick us.

Linsolv1888d ago

But if it's not a trick, why are they purposefully mislabelling things?

aliengmr1888d ago

Probably just a mix up.

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