Pach-Attack: The Handheld Market Sucks

GT:Why doesn’t Microsoft make a portable? Plus, why the whining over used game sales?

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ApolloTheBoss1700d ago

In other words, the handheld market is awesome!

dedicatedtogamers1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

PSP and DS created the highest-selling generation of all time. The DS has sold more than PS3 and 360 combined. PSP sold 75-80 million, which is as mch as either the 360 or PS3 sold.
The only reason why the 3DS and Vita are going a bit slow is because they're still young. PSP and DS went through the same trial period.

Granpire1700d ago

Pachter has a point, though. The world is a different place now, one littered with mobile devices that can play mobile games. I wish it weren't so, but many people are fine with touchscreens for portable gaming.

joeorc1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

while i agree with your logic of what you stated, and while the dedicated game handhelds are awesome
I own the DS, PSVita and i have owned many through out the year's the main problem is what has changed in the last 10 years to this part of the Market. What Mike was saying is a little blunt and he is talking about the market as a whole, he is pretty spot on. The reason being is with Smart Devices like smartphones and Tablets they are now the over all market leader not only in hardware sales but also in software sales also. This same transition happened to the PDA market. That does not mean you cannot carve out a solid niche of a sales base in a few years for your product. It just means that you can no longer expect it to be the booming industry it was 10 years ago.

Example: the 3DS is the market leader it sales are fantastic in the games market industry, but if you look at the games market industry as a whole the install base may get to be 100 million to maybe 150 million for end of life install base of the product in maybe 7 to 9 years time. while the smartphone market sale 100's of Millions a year! take samsung they sale over 86,567.6 million smartphones a year, add in apple which which is also over 50 million than even Sony is over 30 Million xperia smartphones a year. just those 3 companies alone absolutly dwarfs in device sales per year let alone in a per quarter basis/ hell add in HTC, THEY HAVE ANOTHER 40 MILLION A YEAR.LG there is another 48 million+ a year. Now even though they the games devices market is much smaller the real point that Pach is making is the sheer number's example on a per Quarter basis

over 75,906.1 million Android devices per sales quarter
and add in Apple
iOS PER sales quarter is over 35,456.0+ million

even adding all three game companies on a quarter by sales quarter basis with every dedicated handheld gaming device they sell there is no contest.

Like i stated the devices are not poor or dead in market devices its just this part of the market is no longer the leader ,its now the niche , a very large Niche of millions which i think many companies would never really complain about with upto 100 to 150 million combine Playstation , xbox and Nintendo and this is a very strong niche market vs the wider market.

MikeMyers1700d ago

What you need to do is follow the trends. How many units of the DS were sold in the first 2 years compared to the first 2 years of the 3DS. Is there a decline? Is Nintendo making less money because they had to lower prices for the 3DS which will make comparisons tricky. We all know the Vita is selling at a slower rate than the PSP did in the same timeline. So will Sony also be forced to drop the price earlier than they did for the PSP thus creating a different type of comparison?

Consumers only have so much free time and we all know smartphones and tablets have become popular. Do they cut into what was once a handheld gamers free time? Hard to say. Pachter is right in some sense that it is a different landscape now and Microsoft would not be wise to get involved. They had a tough enough time being competitive against Nintendo and Sony until the Xbox 360 came out. I imagine the handheld market is even harder to compete in.

I do like his answer about the used game sales. Forcing them to wait 3 months would solve the problem IMO. Right now Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo rely on retail stores to sell their products. If they ever go digital only it would generate more revenue for them and also cut out the used market. This is why they are so aggressive when it comes to DLC and even now some games can only be bought digitally. We have also seen online codes to try and curb used sales and also to get consumers educated on being connected online. They still know not everyone is connected which is why they are still selling physical media.

3-4-51700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Is this guy serious ? This is a great year for handheld.

* FE Awakening + Luigi's mansion trump's anything Pachter says.

Linsolv1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I'm pretty sure, at this point, Michael Pachter's analysis involves getting fall-down drunk, talking to a cat for an hour, and then writing down the results and reading them when he sobers up.

LOGICWINS1700d ago

Good evidence that Microsoft didn't get into this industry to sell games. And great explanation by Pachter regarding why used products in gaming are taken more seriously than in other industries.

Jek_Porkins1700d ago

So because Microsoft doesn't see a way around Nintendo's 20+ year handheld dominance they aren't in the industry to sell games? I think it's smart not to waste money, you have to look at where the market is heading and where its been.

There have been a ton of superior handhelds on the market that got slapped around by a lesser Nintendo handheld.

1nsaint1700d ago

@NYC_Gamer why do you always post pachter articles?

coolbeans1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I think it all comes back to the contributor contest rankings. If no one stays on top of submitting Pachter's videos, which can get BIG degrees, who wouldn't jump at the opportunity?

Donnieboi1700d ago

Gets a lot of hits, so why not?

animegamingnerd1700d ago

i wish people would just ignore patcher

Reverent1700d ago

I read that in Hank Hill's voice. Thank you.

secretcode1700d ago

That's the magic of Propane and Propane Accessories.

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