Close Up: Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition (PAL)

Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition launched alongside the game in PAL territories, in June 12 2008. It’s a pretty rare item - apparently only 25000 were ever made, and they were distributed among Europe and Australia.

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rawshack1856d ago

ive been looking for one of these for years

Nyxus1856d ago

Yeah, they are pretty overpriced on eBay nowadays.

rawshack1856d ago

im from nz when these came out they where like 400
on trade me .i think there were only 25 in new zealand

Nyxus1855d ago

@ rawshack: 400 New Zealand dollars? That's very expensive if that's the case.

bub161855d ago

whattttt this is rare? i sold mine for like £4 hahahaha shit :(

DivineAssault 1855d ago

Mine wasnt that cool with a figurine.. Mine only has that extra disc & a bigger box

Nyxus1855d ago

I guess you're talking about the North American LE?