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God of War: Ascension Video Review I Play Legit

"Mo Chocolate Reviews God of War Ascension. Is this prequel worthy, or just a cash grab?" Play Legit (God of War: Ascension, PS3) 5/5

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ZILLA  +   755d ago
5/5 is what i score it also.this time around its all about multiplayer,not single player.part 4 will be released on PS4.the online is MAAAAAAADNESS!!
bacrec1  +   755d ago
Its so Underrated. CTF is great!
tndtloveu  +   755d ago
MP portion is a big + for me. I have been looking for this kind of MP to come in ages. Glad I picked up this game on day 1 :D
Anthotis  +   755d ago
Bros before hos
r21  +   755d ago
Shhh, Adam will hear and ask that you change your comment.

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