Beyond: Two Souls GameTrailers Preview

Ghostly possession, heavenly intent, and no damnable quick times!

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NastyLeftHook01582d ago

my name, and my carpet. squirt.

dale_denton1582d ago

you commenting from ultra music festival?

taquito1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )


look at all those jaggies......charachter models look crappier than sims 2

put that vid in fullscreen and let your eyes

what happened to this;


that game honestly looks so freaking last gen, it looks worse than ugly heavy rain, and comes complete with more jaggies....l.ololololololol

ahhhh you console gamers fall for it every time

ohhh....and deep down trailer is actually how ps4 games are gonna look......l.ololololololololo. .........

Studio-YaMi1582d ago

Guess we're both watching two different videos here .. mr.troll !

Snookies121582d ago

You go on worrying about jagged edges while we play this masterpiece. Why the hell are people so caught up on aliasing? Shoot, my PC can easily run games with full anti-aliasing/max settings and sure it looks good but to act like it's some horrible issue is just plain stupid. The game LOOKS amazing, to say otherwise is absolutely trolling.

Blastoise1582d ago

I don't think he's ever made a comment that doesn't involve talking about specs or how PC game A looks better than console game B.

Funny thing is when he's finished trolling he'll probably go and play some Minecraft or something lol

telekineticmantis1582d ago

Barely visible jaggies vs inspired gameplay and design, what's a console gamer to choose...

Reverent1582d ago

Also, who other than a nine year old seriously says, "loloololollolol" like an uneducated moron? I mean really.

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GribbleGrunger1582d ago

I was going to contribute to this thread but I fear I'm just not intelligent enough. I'll leave it to the big boys above.

LOGICWINS1582d ago

Buying this game no questions. Quality deserves my money! :D

FAT MAN GO BOOM1582d ago

I can't wait for this game it is going to be awesome... Day one buy for me...

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