PSLS’ Morning Wood Episode 3: Voiding Dan’s Warranty

Welcome to the third episode of Morning Wood. In this episode, I test out how I’d look in a sweater vest with no shirt underneath, and you get a bonus ‘gun’ show at the end. The winner of last week’s Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC giveaway is announced and we find out that Chandler Wood is not actually Sebastian Moss. He's much too ruggedly handsome for that. Morning Wood tries out a new co-host thanks to a recommendation from a viewer and you’ll also learn the definition of a ‘London Reeses’, and for that alone it’s worth checking out the video.

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ftwrthtx1919d ago

That was entertaining. lol

dbjj120881919d ago

How turned on is the Internet right now?

knifefight1918d ago

Points for use of sweater.