Download The 1.03 Update for God of War: Ascension

To get the 1.03 update, make sure you are connected online when you boot up God of War: Ascension. You will be prompted to download the latest update. This update addresses 2 single-player issues. We are working on further updates to Multiplayer (balance), amongst other feedback we've been reading all over (audio), please stay connected here for the latest or follow us @SonySantaMonica.

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Y_51501890d ago

I'm not downloading this until I finish the story, I like a challenge. Heck I think that trial might not be as hard as people have been saying it was.

Crazyglues1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Well I know how you feel but I got stuck at chapter 28 and could not pass it no matter what I did...

Part my fault, part the developers fault - you see I was so busy maxing out my blades, I didn't max out some stuff that become more important later in the game... More health, increased damage from that heart thing, more of the blue bars for the special Move... holding down L2 + R2 after a hit

so therefore I kept dying and dying and dying trying to take down those two snakes and the two ladies that hit you with electricity while your fighting the two snake ladies... /so part developers fault for not seeing that people might not have maxed up by the time they get here... and you really need to.

-but whatever after patch, I was able to make it happen, but I don't think it was because of the patch.. -because right after it I was still dying the same way, that red light that freezes you, it was toned down a little but it's still tough..

The real reason I got passed it is I found a new way to hit the floor hard after an air attack... fire blades, jump in air hit L1 + triangle -so that kept me alive long enough to get pass it this morning..

-Back Loving the Game and getting closer to beating it, just in-time for Bioshock Infinite Tuesday.

So I would say go ahead do the update it does not really make it too easy... it's a real light adjustment.. -imo

||.........___||............ ||

Axecution1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

They really should have made this optional with a toggle switch or something

Blaze9291890d ago

wow, well thanks for letting me know. I was going into this just upgrading my blades. Gonna switch up asap!

nix1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

haha... were you also stuck there? last night i spent like 2 hours on trying to pass that level and then today i got the update... but i did die the same way for like 1 hour but maaaaaaannnnnnn.... i finally did it! it was truly unfair.. though.. tossing out enemies after enemies... i was like "this is not fair!" lol.

after clearing that level, i got even more pissed when i read the trophy i got for that section - "should have taken the stairs".... i was like f*****ing b****ds! anyway... after that stage everything was like walk in the park. phew. nearly broke my controller and my fingers in the process.

i finished the game though inspite of the sound problem.. i don't think the sound was fixed though... i think i just got used to the mellow sound.

good game though.

EDIT: @KwietStorm (below): i feel the same dude... like no matter how many times you hit the enemies you just don't know if it's affecting them or not. i was really pissed off because there was no health bar for the larger enemies or any enemies at all. plus the enemies can always break your combo. that was really pissing off as well. the darn serpent will always wrap you around no matter what you do.. unless you are a mile away.

plus some of the puzzles were just too vague. i just kept chugging things around to see what works... i didn't feel like i was solving a puzzle. i felt like i was just playing a guessing game. the reaction was like "oh ok".

i loved the new mini-games additions though and i loved the location of the button for QTEs.

EDIT 2: ok they fixed it by giving back little bit of health and magic in 3 levels.

Serjikal_Strike1890d ago

It took me 9 tries on Hard mode to beat, im shocked Adam Sessler couldn't beat it on normal and the IGN guy that reviewed the game said it took him like 6hrs to beat... Thats crazy
It's not hard at all, people should stick to playing angry birds or whatever is easy

brodychet1890d ago

@crazyglues DUDE i'm stuck on the same part RIGHT NOW.

brodychet1890d ago

Best way to win against the snakes, just parry them, and you can use one to stun someone else and destroy them easily. hope this helps!!!

Oh_Yeah1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Guess I'm lucky the ocd in me made Gow ascension a breeze..I searched every nook for upgrades, and maxed my blades, lighting, and fire before anything else.. they just kicked the most ass.. didn't have a problem on normal at all and it was the first time I really played a gow game.

DigitalAnalog1889d ago

The "secret", believe it or not doesn't rely on how powerful your blades are but how effective you can use your quest "items". Orkos stone and the TimeSync amulet are the key to balance the challenge. Trust me, I've played this on "Hard" mode.

fallensniper771889d ago

You just have to find the trick. For me it was to use nothing but the ares fire on the blades and the L3 + R3 constantly since it fills up fast and is extremely powerful.

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ArchangelMike1890d ago

The problem I have is that I love the multiplayer, and have spent much more time in the multiplayer than the single player. I can't access the multiplayer without updating :(

FunAndGun1890d ago

That multiplayer is addictive!

Ezz20131890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

i finished it on my 2nd try on normal
it's not hard at all
just use every thing you got and block with L1+X when you can

ziggurcat1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

got through it on normal on my second attempt as well, but it took me almost 2 hours on hard.

i almost always got ****ed in a loop of lightning attacks as soon as those stupid electric enemies showed up in the first round.

dp2774071890d ago

Me too but when i played it on hard it took me quite a few times till i beat it a few days ago.

ZoyosJD1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

It depends on the difficultly level, what you have maxed out, and if you have collected all the feathers/eyes.

I platted it pre-patch.

Suggestions to make everything easier:

collect all feathers/eyes.

max out the blades themselves, amulet, secondary body, and soul magic.

Use the ice blades throughout the game (for more red orbs), but don't waste the orbs maxing them. Use the soul blades for the actual trials.

GraveLord1890d ago

It's bad design. You are forced to fight 3 waves of enemies without any health regeneration. Now, if the whole game was designed like this and I wouldn't complain, but this part of the game is impossible to beat unless you are a God of War Ascension master. It shouldn't take anyone 20 tries to beat just 1 part of the game.

I, like many other people am stuck in this part of the game. It is frustrating and they're lucky I didn't sell this game!

Monolith1890d ago

Wahhhhhh me don't likey hard games.
Glad you didn't play any older gaming generations because there were no patches for games in those days.

TheTwelve1890d ago

I wouldn't call it "bad design".

I will say that I wish the game had trained you a bit more to be ready for such a tough fight.


TheTwelve1890d ago

I'm playing hard mode for the challenge but I confess I'm getting my booty WORKED at that place where you have to kill 3-4 Medusas and then those lightning chicks and then those spear chicks and then that dude with the mallet in between blasts of fire... --- 12

dc11889d ago

Ha! That kicked my but on normal.
Used the hammer and the Fire/Ares R2 was a key for me knocking thus lightning chicks off the platform.

FACTUAL evidence1890d ago

Wow i just platinumed this last niight! actually 12am. I'm in the platinum club before the update.

dc11889d ago

Well done man! You have my respect (No joking or Sarcasm)

I running through hard now (Just beat the Normal playthrough a couple of days ago.. I'm sure my PSN plus pushed the update last night.

...I'm not to upset with the draw down of difficulty on the trial... even if you think I'm a second hand GOWA Plat citizen :)

Loved/loving the the game by the way.

Daver1890d ago

I finished it on my 1st time on normal, it was not that bad.

dc11889d ago

Add me to the list of folks who thought "Ha!... it can't be that bad"

15 deaths,
1 walthough guide
and 1 day later... I finally beat it.

Playing through hard mode now... looking forward to the patch!

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majiebeast1890d ago

All the mobs in trials of Archimedes have strategy's when you know those its pretty easy.

yeahokchief1890d ago ShowReplies(2)
SonyNGP1890d ago

The trial is piss easy if you're playing it while you're high.

DarthBigE1890d ago

It was the hardest part of the game but not so hard for people whine about it. Although, I do think it would be very frustrating on hard or titan mode especially with no health chests in between the battles.

Serjikal_Strike1890d ago

If you know which blades to use and when to use the special powers, its not hard at all even on harder difficulties

KwietStorm1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Already have the platinum, but my problem wasn't the trial itself, it's the new tweaks they made to the combat. I've asked them for years now to alter the combat system so that it isn't so easy to dominate. In past games, Kratos had priority over everything. Ironically they addressed exactly that, but now the enemies have that same priority. Throughout the entire game, enemies would obviously be losing health from getting hit, but you would never know it from the way they [don't] react. More than half the time you can't even get a combo off without them breaking it, as if you're not even hitting them. I don't know if it's only like this on hard difficulty, since that's all I played, but, it was annoying as hell, and no I don't button mash. They just have the enemies some new level of invincibility that unbalances it. All the Trial of Archimedes did was make it more obvious.

ZoyosJD1890d ago

Yeah, same here.

Those parts with 6+ goats in a small space...

Best things to do is to keep your distance, keep them all in front of you, use a mix of the hold square attack and combos/kicks afterwards to keep taking their weapons and use the discarding attack with them.

Serjikal_Strike1890d ago

I had a harder time with those goats than I did in the trials, probably because i had a shorter life bar...

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