PS3 Firmware 4.40 Adds Support for Downloading Games from Web PlayStation Store

The official changelog for PS3 Firmware 4.40 reveals that the update adds support downloading games to the console from the Web version of the PlayStation Store. The feature will become active in May 2013.

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Cam9771885d ago

That's a brilliant feature! My account is currently loaded with £5 for Machinarium in the Vita.

stage881884d ago

Machinarium is a great game. I got it free with PS+

Cam9771884d ago

Me too but I never got to finish it. Now seems the best time because it has been optimised for the Vita.

Skate-AK1884d ago

It won't be until May that the feature launches.

InMyOpinion1884d ago

Been using this a lot on the 360, adding a queue from work etc, and think it's a really nice feature.

REALgamer1884d ago

Yep, I use it a ton for my 360 and for Android. I find just generally browsing a lot of content and particularly searching with text is much faster on a PC than on the device itself.

I always found that weird that you can buy games through the PS web store yet you still need to turn on your PS3, go to account management, go to download list, select to download, select to download in background, go to next item, repeat.

InMyOpinion1884d ago

@REALgamer - Yeah, that completely defeats the purpose. Good that they have fixed it.

Neko_Mega1885d ago

I kind of feel like this is pointless, but in other ways it seems good because the new store is slow.

TKCMuzzer1885d ago

It's not pointless. I often browse the web version when not at home with my PS3. This means I can set it to download and it would be ready when I got in. That would be pretty useful to be honest.

Why o why1885d ago

find the new store bloody annoying. Slow and confusing.

Riderz13371885d ago

How is it pointless? Sometimes I don't feel like opening up my PS3 to check what's in the store. This way I can just use my laptop to not only check out what's on the store but also have the ability to download the games.

toxic-inferno1885d ago

Agreed! I have been really surprised at the amount of use I've got out of the browser-based store so far! This will only add to that!

Lazyeye791884d ago

Since the Playstation store doesn't work for me, this is a great update. Finally I can get stuff from the store.

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caseh1885d ago

Awesome, a patch for a function that isn't due to be available for another 2 months.

Whats up next, you gonna release a patch for GTA5? woooooo.

LakerGamerEnthusiast1884d ago

Nice reasoning. Do you really think it's good to go? you must really not have any idea or a spec of reasoning to think on what they have to do before it goes live.

They have to troubleshoot, check for bugs, make sure it works properly with syncing to you're ps3. There is obviously something they have to go through or check before it goes live. Who knows what, but something.

caseh1884d ago

Its called beta testing, something that usually happens on a system that isn't live i.e. your PS3.

Undoubtedly there will be another patch, possibly two before this goes live. If the intention is for it to go live in May then the patch should be fully tested before its even rolled out, not patching a patch if it doesn't work.

Working example, the cross-game patching that happened for DOA5 when DOA5+ was released rather than 3 months before. I fully understand how it works, clearly not a lot of other people do.

telekineticmantis1885d ago

the webstore accessible from the PS3, or do u do this on ur PC somehow?

Bladesfist1885d ago

It is accessible through the web :/

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