Saints Row 4 Had President Colbert, Dragons

IGN - In the original version of Saints Row IV, you did not play as the President of the United States.

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Cam9771438d ago

So it could've been worse? Oh dear...

konnerbllb1437d ago

Worse? The game would have rocked with Colbert in the game. I'm a little disappointed now.

camel_toad1437d ago

Heh yep Colbert is great.

Pushagree1437d ago

Coibert is too great for this series. If he were to be in a game, it would be GTA V.

lashes2ashes1437d ago

I wish they would scrap what they have now and go back to those ideas.

KaBaW1436d ago

Dragons? No. No thanks.
Colbert? Why hell yeah!

aLucidMind1436d ago

It would be interesting to see whether Colbert references this on his show lol.