Final Fantasy 7 On PS4 And Xbox 720: It Could Happen

Mobile & Apps: "The one game almost all fans of the JRPG genre would love to see remade on both the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox 720, is Final Fantasy 7. This is the game that arguably popularized JRPG outside of Japan, and could very well be the game to save the genre."

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iGAM3R-VIII2096d ago

I thought this was a PS4 and PS Vita and PS3 exclusive. I don't think it would go to the Xbox because the strongest area of Sony's consoles is in Japan where FF6 is strong. The Xbox is weak in Japan so I think that it would be a PS exclusive.

izumo_lee2095d ago

From what i remember Sony spent a lot of money in advertising the game in the west where it is published by SCEA. The success of the game came because of the publics awareness of the game cause of that intense advertising.

BanBrother2095d ago

Correct izumo. FF7 was the first FF to be a Juggernaut, thanks to massive advertising by Sony. Whether it was released on both Xbox and PS4 won't matter. I'm sure it will sell tonnes on both.

DOMination-2095d ago

It could go either way if it were ever to happen (big if).

Of course, Square Enix fully own the Final Fantasy IP and ultimately can do what they want with it. If you dig out the psone box and look at the small print you'll see Sony has no rights to the game.

But Sony did help a lot with the original. Squaresoft didn't have the facilities to publish games worldwide in 1997. They certainly helped with localisation and distribution. Maybe even some development funding.

Can any KH fans confirm if any of the FF7 characters appear in the Nintendo spinoffs? To ky knowledge all games featuring them and FF7 games in general have been released only on PS formats so far.

Anyway to summarise.. Legally it can go anywhere but so far SE have kept it PS only. Even the ps1 classic never made it to xbla. Even 8,9 and 10 remaster don't and they weren't published by Sony. Personally i think then exclusivity is more likely. And that's just about fair enough

ALLWRONG2095d ago

FF is multiplat and will most likely never be exclusive to Sony again no matter how hard you wish it true. Maybe Japan, but good luck because Japan also loves Nintendo.

Minato-Namikaze2095d ago

These current HD remasters (ffx/x-2 and KH 1.5) may be square acknowledging they were wrong in supporting MS.

MikeMyers2095d ago


Final Fantasy still sells fairly well outside of Japan. Game that dominate in sales in Japan, yes I agree, there is no need in it coming to the Xbox. Japan content that also sells well outside, then it makes perfect sense to offer it on other platforms like the Xbox that does well outside of Japan.

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miyamoto2096d ago

Wasn't FF VII a joint Square and Sony project back in the day?

KingKelloggTheWH2095d ago

Sony did ALL the advertising.

KingKelloggTheWH2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

I honestly don't want it remade,current square would ruin it.

Also the person in the article mentions the ps3 and 360 ram but it isn't accurate.

EffectO2095d ago

It can happen only if Square dedicates $100 million budget and full FF team to FF7.
Anyone that has even started the game can easily see why.

chaos-lockheart2095d ago

The FF team said they will remake it, but it's stupid Wada that's not green lighting it."A FFVII remake is definitely on the cards and the Final Fantasy team would happily develop it. But Wada has one prerequisite before he would greenlight the project: Square Enix has to release a new Final Fantasy title that “exceeds the quality of FFVII.” Wada don't make since.

Temporary2095d ago

I guess that means we have to wait til after vs13

Jakens2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

It does make sense. Why would Square release a game that was so good which only shows off how crappy the games they are putting out now are.

I understand that they want to release something awesome currently so as not just to become known for "Square only had good games in the past" but a Square that makes good games currently.

Even if they are putting out sub par games now, the fans don't see FF7 as a slap in the face to fans the way Sqares sees FF7 being a slap in the face to fans.

Square believes that it will hurt the current fan base and therefore get fewer sales of Square's next big game...

Whenever that is.


broooo, im pretty sure we could give the FF7 remake predictions/rumors a rest until we get evidence thats a little more concrete.

im pretty sure square has gone on record to say that an actual current gen quality remake of 7 would take them till the end of the millennium.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2095d ago

A next gen remake would be finished much faster and cost less which is all thanks to Square Enix's new Luminous Engine.

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