Nintendo & EA: A broken relationship

Nintendo Insider writes:

It may be a distant memory now, but EA are responsible for some truly great games for Wii – Boom Blox, Dead Space: Extraction, and the MySims series to name but few.

Yet as the console’s successor fails to find a foothold among consumers, the third-party publisher’s faith in Nintendo’s unfaltering direction seems diminished.

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v0rt3x1887d ago

I wonder why... *sarcasm*

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Hmmm... I wonder what the ORIGIN of the problem is...

Maybe we should Call Oprah- Oprah can mend the rift.
Or Dr . Phil.

ShaunCameron1886d ago

Meh. EA has always been a Nintendo-hater. What does the author mean "broken relationship"?

TongkatAli1886d ago

EA is not the end all or be all.

caseh1886d ago

True but they own the Madden, NHL and FIFA licenses. For anyone who loves their sports, EA abandonning the WiiU would be a HUGE blow.

Similar to what happened to the Dreamcast despite it being a cracking piece of kit.

Donnieboi1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

And battlefield 4, the next Mass Effect, etc. EA is forcing that ORIGIN crap on EVERYTHING. Seriously, if u get banned on one game, u can get banned in all EA games. That sucks.

DeadlyFire1886d ago

EA will never abandon a platform. Every unit sold is profit to them.

Proof of that is Need for Speed Most Wanted on WiiU.

I am not surprised if Medal of Honor WiiU vanished due to the criticism of the game.

Battlefield 4, Madden and all the other EA IPs are very likely to hit WiiU.

3-4-51886d ago

Just wait until this gen. New consoles = Fresh start for somebody to one up EA in terms of quality.

If somebody can offer a more accurate + realistic + fun sports game experience they will dominate EA.

People are looking for an excuse not to play EA sports games. We just need 2-3 other companies who are willing to commit to making quality sim-like realistic sports games that are addicting and fun.


EA has given nintendo terrible versions of their games for years. Not even nintendo is excited when nintendo gets a port of an EA game.

The blame definitely lies in both companies hands, but EA has the most. you cant put last weeks garbage on a nintendo disc and expect it to sell like it does on the PS360. EA has just spent so much time NOT paying attention to nintendo that nintendo and its fans have stopped caring.

TongkatAli1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Need For Speed is awesome on the Wii U so EA does care. If they wanted to they could have not bothered to release that game. EA cares about money Nintendo will always have their fanbase, why wouldn't they not try to make money off of them ?

Yeah, they won't get Mario or Zelda sales, but something is better then nothing. Nintendo will never ever ever get as much third party support that Sony has. Reasons why ? That is a different story, but I can break it down very simple.

Nintendo has a monopoly of game sales for their platforms.

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