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Nintendo & EA: A broken relationship

Nintendo Insider writes:

It may be a distant memory now, but EA are responsible for some truly great games for Wii – Boom Blox, Dead Space: Extraction, and the MySims series to name but few.

Yet as the console’s successor fails to find a foothold among consumers, the third-party publisher’s faith in Nintendo’s unfaltering direction seems diminished. (EA, Nintendo, Wii U)

v0rt3x  +   521d ago
I wonder why... *sarcasm*
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   521d ago
Hmmm... I wonder what the ORIGIN of the problem is...

Maybe we should Call Oprah- Oprah can mend the rift.
Or Dr . Phil.
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ShaunCameron  +   521d ago
Meh. EA has always been a Nintendo-hater. What does the author mean "broken relationship"?
TongkatAli  +   521d ago
EA is not the end all or be all.
caseh  +   521d ago
True but they own the Madden, NHL and FIFA licenses. For anyone who loves their sports, EA abandonning the WiiU would be a HUGE blow.

Similar to what happened to the Dreamcast despite it being a cracking piece of kit.
Donnieboi  +   520d ago
And battlefield 4, the next Mass Effect, etc. EA is forcing that ORIGIN crap on EVERYTHING. Seriously, if u get banned on one game, u can get banned in all EA games. That sucks.
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DeadlyFire  +   520d ago
EA will never abandon a platform. Every unit sold is profit to them.

Proof of that is Need for Speed Most Wanted on WiiU.

I am not surprised if Medal of Honor WiiU vanished due to the criticism of the game.

Battlefield 4, Madden and all the other EA IPs are very likely to hit WiiU.
3-4-5  +   520d ago
Just wait until this gen. New consoles = Fresh start for somebody to one up EA in terms of quality.

If somebody can offer a more accurate + realistic + fun sports game experience they will dominate EA.

People are looking for an excuse not to play EA sports games. We just need 2-3 other companies who are willing to commit to making quality sim-like realistic sports games that are addicting and fun.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   521d ago
EA has given nintendo terrible versions of their games for years. Not even nintendo is excited when nintendo gets a port of an EA game.

The blame definitely lies in both companies hands, but EA has the most. you cant put last weeks garbage on a nintendo disc and expect it to sell like it does on the PS360. EA has just spent so much time NOT paying attention to nintendo that nintendo and its fans have stopped caring.
TongkatAli  +   521d ago
Need For Speed is awesome on the Wii U so EA does care. If they wanted to they could have not bothered to release that game. EA cares about money Nintendo will always have their fanbase, why wouldn't they not try to make money off of them ?

Yeah, they won't get Mario or Zelda sales, but something is better then nothing. Nintendo will never ever ever get as much third party support that Sony has. Reasons why ? That is a different story, but I can break it down very simple.

Nintendo has a monopoly of game sales for their platforms.
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BattleAxe  +   521d ago
I'm no EA fan, but they did bring Mass Effect 3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted to the WiiU, so I would hardly call it a bad relationship. The fact is why would EA or any other publisher sink huge amounts of development dollars into the Wii and the WiiU, when technically speaking they're both yesterdays news, and the fanbase is made up of people who like kids games?
TongkatAli  +   521d ago
Inb4 "but but alot of kids like COD" XD no, it's not the same thing. You see those kids like a RATED M game and aren't suppose to play it. It isn't a kids game cause kids aren't suppose to even be playing games like COD.

You can't call something about killing people in a military backdrop, a story about killing Russians "kiddie". Games like those show something which is very real WAR and GUNS.

@caseh True, but you're underestimating the grip that Nintendo has on it's fanbase. For example that feminist who made the videogame and tropes shit, look how they reacted at her HARMLESS video, they made her rich cause they sent her death threats, messages for her to get cancer, stalking her every chance they could on social etc, etc. They will buy everything and almost anything Nintendo which is a goldmine for a CORPARATION to have. It's safe to say Nintendo will do just fine if EA never made a single game for them again.
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ShaunCameron  +   520d ago
Or a fanbase that isn't fixated on blood, boobs, bad language, brown-and-grey environments and overall banality?

<The fact is why would EA or any other publisher sink huge amounts of development dollars into the Wii and the WiiU, when technically speaking they're both yesterdays news, and the fanbase is made up of people who like kids games?>

@ TongkatAli

Actually it can be called kiddie with the way an otherwise serious matter like war got trivialized and glamorized for the mass market in the name of wholesome entertainment. It may be rated M, but it stands more for Mindless than Mature.
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TruthbeTold  +   520d ago
Seriously. Call of Duty is kids playing 'tag' with blood and guts animations. Gorified paintball, where you don't have to feel the sting. People call Nintendo games kiddie. But people call CoD games kiddie because the concept plays most greatly to teenagers and preteens who think they're grown up, and very young adults who are looking to prove that they are 'mature'.

No kid is beating Zack and Wiki without some serious adult help. Nor are they completely conquering Super Mario Galaxy, all stars with both Mario and Luigi by themselves. etc.
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Realplaya  +   520d ago
If your games don't sell on Nintendo platforms why not team up with Nintendo develop a game for them and have them publish it. The reason people buy there software is because of the name association. Love it or hate it when it comes to 2d platformers Nintendo continually sets the bar. When it comes to 3d games they set the bar any game they have been creating for years they set the bar. I'm not a delusional rabid fan foaming at the mouth for whoever says they like one company over another. None of these companies pay me to play there games or buy there hardware I am from a older generation circa Atari 2600, Commodore 64, calico vision I have played games forever probably far longer than many on the site. But I can honestly say that Nintendo believes in quality of full software purchase. Proof of this is they haven't went gungho with micro transactions. It is there belief that you don't buy 50% of a game only to have to buy the other 50% in a month. Also a great test bury an old game boy in the snow for a month and turn it on it will still work. I only know I lost mine in the snow years ago and it worked for me.
DivineAssault  +   520d ago
There was never a relationship between em that was any different than last gen.. EA always published games for nintendo since i can remember.. But now that wii u came out, ppl thought it would get some current multiplats but that doesnt seem to be the case.. Wheres Battle Field?? Wheres Dead Space???

Putting out a few old ports isnt exactly something to be happy about.. It doesnt matter to me though, i dont like EA games.. I love Bioware but when EA bought em, i stopped liking it.. Lost too many RPG elements due to them wanting a broader audience appeal
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