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Submitted by Knight_Crawler 1052d ago | opinion piece

Neither Xbox 'Durango' nor PS4 Will Block Used Games

It’s the rumor that just won’t die. In an effort to keep money in the development world and out of Gamestop’s pockets, Microsoft, Sony, or both plan on restricting or blocking used games with the PS4 and the rumored “Durango.” New leaks point toward this all the time. The internet responds with predictable rage.

It’s become a subject of debate here on Forbes, with both Jason Evangelho and Paul Tassi weighing in. Evangelho says that a used games restriction would drive gamers to another platform, but argues that because companies lose money on hardware, those cheap gamers would actually become a financial burden. Tassi is skeptical, mentioning the mint that Microsoft makes off of services as well as how developer support could affect the situation either way. (PS4, Xbox One)

1upgamer99  +   1052d ago
The rumor, at least for PS4, was because of Patents that Sony requested that would block used games. Who knows if Sony will actually use the patent though. They had a similar one for PS3.
I have to say, I hate the name Durango. Why would Microsoft name it console after a Mexican State or a Dodge. Those are the two things that come to mind when I hear Durango.
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Blaze929  +   1052d ago
if you really think it'll be called Durango, this is why "journalist" need to stop spewing all this misinformed bs about things they don't know to gullible consumers. Ever heard of codenames?

"Next xbox will spy on you!" - can only imagine how many people will take that out of context and believe it.
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Conzul  +   1052d ago
Better to worry about something that isn't there than to not about something that is.
Zool 08  +   1051d ago
Yeah like Sony named theirs Orbis
Sucitta  +   1052d ago
did Kinect end up retaining the name Natal?

how can you be so ill informed aka dumb?

it DISGUSTS me how easily media can distort the average joe's thoughts.

no wonder we live in the twisted greed driven world of today. people are just far too stupid to know any better and we allow conscious minds to prey on these poor stupid lazy sloths that vote every year..

how can you really not understand the concept behind a codename for a product that is still in development?
jeeves86  +   1051d ago
When you press the Shift button, it makes your letters capitalized. It DISGUSTS me that you don't understand that.

Lighten up, dude.
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Knight_Crawler  +   1052d ago
This is very logical and cannot believe that some people are letting some rumors that were probably made up by some bored kid in his basement make them think that Sony or MS are crazy enough to do this.

As much as some people want all these rumors to be true, its just not a good move financial wise, specially in this economy where people are trying to budget everything (Apple fanboys not included)and going with everything cheaper.

Next gen will not blocked used games and next gen consoles sales will not be determined on power but how much entertainment each console has to offer at the cheapest price.
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TheKayle  +   1052d ago
no always on required no used game blocked....we already know this....journalist wanna just clicks
roshi1987  +   1052d ago
Cause Forbes needs clicks...
TheKayle  +   1051d ago
sure they need.....sound crazy? lol
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1050d ago
Well, "journalist's" write the most insane and inaccurate pieces. barely any other site approves of it but, they know N4G will. And N4G will gobble it up and believe aaanything. N4G would approve a story saying you can fly! Jump off your roof now! And N4G would believe it.

N4G is full of severely weak minded individuals.
Jek_Porkins  +   1052d ago
I don't think anyone believed they would, certainly if they were thinking that, by now with all the uproar they would have ditched the idea. I actually think we'll see Online Passes for every game next gen to combat used sales, which I'm fine with.

Honestly I think companies like used games, it means their games are selling, new people get the chance to pick them up and might get interested in a series and buy the next game new.
Blaze929  +   1052d ago
the problem I have with online passes is IF, Sony joins Microsoft in charging to play online next gen - then automatically online passes need to go away.

If it's just Microsoft continuing to charge to play online, then the next xbox needs to do away with online passes for Gold members. The SOLE objective of gold is to pay to play online. Why are there online passes essentially doing the SAME thing on top of an Xbox LIVE subscription?

For silver members, yeah maybe online passes should be set for free subscribers. But no way in hell am I going to be content with online passes returning next-gen for Xbox LIVE gold subscribers.

Pay to play online to Microsoft...then pay AGAIN to the publisher to play THEIR game online (if acquired 2nd hand). Gtfooooo
Jek_Porkins  +   1052d ago
Well Xbox Live is a great way for Microsoft to recoup money that otherwise would be lost on used games, they seemed to have that planned out well in advance. To clarify my earlier statement, I don't think Microsoft will ever have an Online Pass in addition to Xbox Live Gold Membership.
ALLWRONG  +   1052d ago
That's why they call these things rumors and speculation.
ArchieBunker   1052d ago | Spam
Neko_Mega  +   1052d ago
We already know PS4 isn't going to block used games, but the new Xbox. Who knows, because Microsoft is crazy to try to see how it works out.
etownone  +   1052d ago
Not sure why your getting disagrees.

Anyways, hopefully they don't block used games. Not that I buy used games much, but I do trade and let friends borrow my games too
DOMination-  +   1051d ago
People keep saying that but the official line actually is that Sony keep avoiding to answer the question.

Yoshida pretty much confirmed they would by saying "we are still looking into that" AFTER the ps4 announcement. Why not just say no?
VoiceMale  +   1052d ago
It is so ludicrous to hear that used games hurts revenue for developers and consoles...... That is by far the furthest thing from d truth.publishers and console makers gets payed from shipping their products to retailers, not when it gets sold to the consumers.developers gets paid periodically like any other job in the duration of development, and in some cases they get bonuses after release it certain criterion are met, like amount of when is the revenue for anybody gets impeded?
So talks about used games hurting gaming is actually helps it with ease of readily accessible and alternative ways for IPs to be ,experienced by a bigger audience.

name one other business or entertainment form that tries to block their products from being resold?am sure ur now thinking about music right?well of I Bluetooth my paid for music to u am not losing my copy for d sake of u now having my actually duplicating it and then I am wrong cause that is piracy.....
Used games r not piracy it is within legal acquisition to acquire a used item transfering users ownership to of the company with the biggest greed for revenues(EA) lost their CEO for bad bussiness practice.this should be among them as far as I am concern.
If by any chance the next gen is blocking anything it's not used games they r worried about, it will be for pirated games.I too am blocking things for next gen and that is d rumors that used games will be not changing that opinion until official announcements changed that
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roshi1987  +   1052d ago
Pretty simple argument pal. Take all that money going to gamestop, a reseller, and say at least a sizable chunk would have been spend on new games if they were inaccessible as used games.

Who knows whats going to happen. But it makes sense with digital distribution that they can make more money by simply dropping prices, like Steam, to garner the "used crowd" and eliminate the resellers.
Hicken  +   1051d ago
So you have to ASSUME that "sizable chunk" will even exist, first of all.

Second, a reseller like Gamestop does not make enough money from the sales of new games, systems, and accessories to stay open. And yet these places are the #1 seller of games. If they can't cover costs, they go out of business, and the industry suffers.

Third, we're not guaranteed to see the price drop in the digital-only method. I could get into the whole "do we really own a game that's just a digital copy on a hard drive?" debate again, but the fact that that's not resolved yet is proof enough. There's also not being able to sell, trade, or give away these digital games- more indication of the lack of ownership- which takes away from the vale of the game.

Finally, all that's irrelevant, because they've already been paid; in what backwards universe do developers and publishers deserve to see further payment for the same product? Online passes are bad enough; I have NO desire to see them getting a cut of every sales of a used game.
roshi1987  +   1048d ago
My assumption is a fair one which you did not refute.

Then you dive into irrelevance talking about how Gamestop is important to the industry. You are supposed to be addressing MY points.

Then you say we are not guaranteed a price drop when I cite Steam as a reasonable example of what could occur (which again you do not refute) and then you dive into the "owning your own games crap:" your second red herring.

I think you are simply clueless. Dont get into arguments when you have no idea how to argue, use logic, counter points etc.


And then there are your bubbles. So you have no pathos (school is good for you) and whatever you say gets lower weight.
Igniter  +   1052d ago
My question is what happens to Game Fly if either console adopts blocking used games? Do they have to pay MS or Sony to recode disc ever time they get them back from users? Or are they just out of business?
Seems to me that if the rumors on blocking used games were true, Game Fly would already be beating the war drums and fighting this in the press.
MysticStrummer  +   1052d ago
We already know PS4 won't, and I doubt 720 will either. MS needs to go ahead and say so though.
VoiceMale  +   1051d ago
Yea if used games never existed u would assume that the money spent on used games would go to new game sales right?but more than likely new game sales might also take a dive in sales for ppl could lose enthusiasm to purchase games at launch or right away.they might take the wait and see process and with added procrastination, might hinder them buying it at all.

how many ppl trade in games they just bought when they get hands on time and realized that they don't like the game as they thought they would, but now there is no chance to trade it in, and get something else.places like gamestop have transaction like this:

1: trade in used game/games to buy new game(s)
2:trade in used game to get used game
3: sell new games
Ppl act like used game stores don't sell new games and all they do is infringe on used game sales.

And u know if let's say for argument sake used games stores get filtered out somehow by console makers and publishers, then it would be safe to say used games sales will fall, but with that logic so would new game sales, then more than likely the cheapest way with less risk would be to rent and rental revenue will go up.

And then all developers would be likely to focus on multiplayer to try and get replay value for their games to get a new game sales hurting single player and story campaign games in the process.

I don't buy used games anymore but I used to when I lived in chicago but I don't now because I am back home in Belize and we dont have use game stores here....but does this mean that because I cant get used games here it doesn't bother me ?yes and if console starting blocking used games then gaming is in danger of becoming stagnant especially with talks of development cost going up next gen
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Enigma_2099  +   1051d ago
Of course not. They'd never get away with it.
SDF Repellent  +   1051d ago
People, the fact of the matter is this is a copy cat industry and if the PS4 will not restrict used games, then Microsoft will also not restrict used games. The last thing Microsoft want to do is getting on the wrong side of retailers that sell used games or rent games. Gamestop and Best Buy will definitely promote the PS4 more at their stores and website because they want people to buy games that can be traded-in later. Also, do you think Gamefly and Red Box that rent games isn't on the mind of both Sony and Microsoft? Imagine Gamefly with its large user base and all they carry are PS4 and Wii U titles for rent; thus, that will severely affect console sales for Microsoft. These scenarios are suicidal for Microsoft and I seriously doubt they aren't aware of these issues.
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GraySnake  +   1051d ago
I agree.. It would be STUPID of MS to block used games UNLESS they are able to sell the games at 30-40 bucks. I wonder how people would react to that proposition.

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