Battlefield 4 Beta will begins in Fall 2013 says BF3 Community Manager

Some interesting news for all you Battlefield 4 fans out there. Battlefield 3 Community Manager Ian Tornay has just stated that Battlefield 4 beta will begin in Fall 2013 for gamers who bought copy of Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

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RioKing1727d ago

Does anyone remember the mass disappointment that resulted from the BF3 Beta?

Yeah yeah I understand it's not the final product, but get ready to see alot of upset people again...

Reverent1727d ago

Yet BF3 still did perfectly fine when the game was finally released and is still played by hundreds of thousands of people.

Go away.

RioKing1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

lol I wasn't hating on the game, just asking if people remember how much hate there was when the last Beta came out? That's gonna happen again, most likely. Watch, all we'll see up until the Beta will be pc & next-gen footage...just like with BF3, overhyping the hell out of it for current-gen players.

There was soo much hype for it, and the beta didn't live up to it...period. The final product DID. What I said was..get ready to see that again.

Parasyte1727d ago

And I have early access thanks to a used copy of Medal of Honor that I bought where the code hadn't been used! :D

Can't wait!

jdktech20101727d ago

That's an earlier than I figured.

Please let BF4 be on the PS4 and have a higher player count. I've got it on 360 right now and it's a lot of fun but I just miss the 64 player count PC has. Can't wait for GDC to hear more (as long as it's not just a story trailer and we get some real details like platforms...)

N0S3LFESTEEM1727d ago

And 2 days later everyone that didn't buy MOH gets in as well.

Kinger89381727d ago

lol so almost everyone in the world then ;)

Detoxx1727d ago

Exactly my thoughts LOL

dazzrazz1727d ago

I feel sorry then for all those people who got 2 days exclusivity for $60 thanks to Medal of Error - Bug-fighter !

Hufandpuf1727d ago

That's what I'm hoping. I didn't buy MoH (And I'm glad I didn't) but I'm really anxious to play BF4.

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Skate-AK1727d ago

They should just make it open beta. I wouldn't be surprised if premium had some kinda couple day exclusivity.

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