PAX East 2013: Hands on with Lost Planet 3

Eric Smith of SideQuesting writes:

"There is nothing bad about the demo of Lost Planet 3 we played, but there was also nothing outstanding, either. While piloting the mech was fun, it very much felt like 'just another game' in the Lost Planet series."

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Kamikaze1351913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I think that's the most honest hands-on to a game that I've ever read.

Plagasx1913d ago

Totally forgot about LP3...

joab7771913d ago

Its the dead space or dragon age fiasco on steroids. My friends and i played lost planet 2 for months. They both actually platinumed it, which is remarkable if u know how much time it takes to actually do it. Anyway, while many areas of LP2 could be improved, the gameplay was great, a ton of fun with friends, and it set itself apart from other games. The perfect scenario would have been a similar game on next gen that emphasized co op play even more with larger battles etc. But, no, they took the road ALWAYS traveled and tufned it into an action game. They use the cookie cutter memo excuse that it had to be done to convey the story they wanted to tell. Sound familiar?

Its sad because LP was a popular niche game, and although LP2 wasnt all snow, it was unique and fresh. Now, in trying to reach a mass audience, they will be releasing a game at a time when we r so tired of it...atleast I am. The market is saturated and looking toward next gen. If u wanna b successful, u need to set yourself apart . Ni No Kuni, Bioshock and Tomb Raider have done this and it has worked. My friends and i were looking forward to this until we saw how much it changed.

ShaunCameron1913d ago

To correct the author, the first LP sold well.