50 Most Realistic Minecraft Creations

Minecraft gives truly endless possibilities in letting your creativity take over your gameplay. It’s unique in that way as you can, with only your mind and cubic blocks, create anything you like.

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CommonSenseGamer1977d ago

Minecraft is fantastic! Its what a Lego game should have always been.

unchartedxplorer1977d ago

Well that's just put my dirt house to shame.

rextraordinaire1977d ago

I first thought, seeing the screenshots, that this was about a brand new next-gen simcity game... Some MineCraft players really are impressive!

belac091977d ago

i wish this game was on ps3 or a handheld, i want to try it.

CommonSenseGamer1976d ago

Which handheld as its available for iOS and Android devices.

belac091976d ago

3ds,psp,vita, i dont have any of those that you mentioned, and im 36 years old. i HATE that stuff.