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Hot off its success with Telltales Adventure game can a Survival Horror FPS based on the Walking Dead rise above the Horde? Or will it be just another soulless spawn of hell doomed to stalk gamers for the rest of its days? Angry Joe Preps for the battle with this Horde!

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budharvest1854d ago

"Daryl and Merle in a game, what could be beter than that"? - well mostly everything under the sun actually, I am finished with 'cashdivision'.

This game is a complete and utter disaster, i have seen some broken games, but this is something else.

STAY AWAY 1.5/10

The game is like getting teeth pulled out lol

StanSmith1854d ago

Are you done posting the same thing in every walking dead article?

Here, Gamespot,, Videogamer and more. The same comment left everywhere.

RedSoakedSponge1854d ago ShowReplies(1)
budharvest1854d ago

Terminal Reality is Terminated

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x5exotic1854d ago

OK based on the first 2 minutes of the video, the zombies aren't attacking, it's not even a game, so far I think 3/10 is overrating it tbh.

HammadTheBeast1854d ago

He gave it one extra point just because it had "some" replayability, that is, if you wanted to put yourself through this mess again.

aLucidMind1853d ago

It did have some good ideas, even if they were poorly implemented and broken lol. I would look forward to the next one if they actually decided to not do a cash-in and do a full, good-quality game.

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