Mega Man 25th Anniversary Figures Revealed (and a New Game in Development?)

Capcom’s panel at PAX East gave us some new Mega Man information — including development of a new game, two new upcoming figures, Mega Man 4/5/6 release dates for 3DS and more.

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crxss1859d ago

need a new megaman game!

bad naruto1859d ago

megaman legend 3 on PSvita

Williamson1859d ago

I would love megaman x9 or maverick hunter 2

Neko_Mega1859d ago

Mega Man Legend 3 for PS4/PS Vita.

Really don't care what console it is on, I would like to see a new MML game.

Blank1859d ago

Oh man I hope capcom does this right! Im definetly looking forward to that statue also the next megaman game whether its X or regular megaman it better not be filled with microtransactions and Disc Locked Content I can imagine the things they would try to part and sell maybe im being negative but their past errors and trends make me nervous about how they are gonna handle this

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