Life Size Lara Croft Could Be Yours for $3,200

RipTen writers: "I enjoy events like PAX because I see all sorts of crazy things and that grants me the opportunity to ask off the wall questions. If you see a food court filled with a few hundred people and only four tables it’s perfectly fine to ask “why not go with two tables?” If you see a life size statue of Lara Croft outside the Square Enix booth for Tomb Raider it’s almost rude to not inquire “how much?” So, I did..."

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NastyLeftHook01642d ago

i could get 12 hookers, a limo and 12 months supply of whey protein powder( 12% bf) whey ftw! for the same price!

not worth it.

Nostradavis1642d ago

^^ That man needs more comment bubbles.

VonBraunschweigg1642d ago

I was counting in hookers as well, then I read your comment=)

Here in Holland at an average of 50 bucks a window, one Lara equels 64 hootchies in all sizes and colours. Sorry Lara...

ThanatosDMC1642d ago

"Fleshlight not included" according to the box.

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Stoletarts1642d ago

If I get beat up like that one day, I can only hope that my own lip gloss and eyeliner stay intact like that.

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N0S3LFESTEEM1642d ago

It doesn't look like you could have sex with it... definitely not worth the money.

HammadTheBeast1642d ago

I dunno, a power drill and some time, maybe a couple of internet purchases and you'd be on to something..

OhMyGandhi1642d ago

all it takes, like you said, is a trip to Home Depot to pick up the tools and hardware, and a nondescript delivery with little to no labeling on the package, protecting the bubble wrapped fleshlight inside.

blackberty1642d ago

whoever buys it will cover it in semen

AmkOwns1642d ago

whoever buys it will drill holes

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