Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U Review [Capsule Computers]

Dustin Spencer from Capsule Computers writes: "The Wii U has had a fairly decent start, but has suffered from an onslaught of ports since release. Mass Effect 3, The Amazing Spider-Man, Need for Speed: Most Wanted..heck, even Ben 10: Omniverse was a port. I think you see where I am coming from. What is good is that those blue cases are filling shelves, and we are finally starting to get news of brand new IPs for the console. Better news? Well, these ports are starting to step up their game entirely, and no title has proven itself to be "more" than Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Wii U. Sure, its a port (Wii) of a port (3DS), but one done right in many ways with a brand new coat of HD paint and plenty of new features. Does this version warrant a purchase from Wii U owners hungry for a new game?"

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zaminoda1857d ago

Shut up and take my money.

koga881857d ago

Wait, so they just ported it over without even bothering to modify the text size? I pity people who have smaller TVs and want to play this game.

animegamingnerd1857d ago

i don't pity them cause the wii u is first console in the second HD console gen and they don't have a HDTV yet but buy a wii u instead

Summons751857d ago

You do realize HD TVs sell smaller than 30" correct? I know a couple people who have 24" TVs or 15" because there collage dorm rooms are so small with two people.

Kos-Mos1857d ago

This game brings me back 16 years in gaming. It`s like the game you just can`t wait to continue playing. A fucking blast to play. I`ve finished this on Wii, but had no problem repurchase it. Some games deserves more money than other. Example of games that should be half of the prize because of extreme lack of depth: cod, gow, me, skyrim, killzone, gears, halo, gta.

Munnkyman1856d ago

My wife and i have put in 18 hours already lol. We love this game so much that we played it for most of our wedding anniversary yesterday lol