Hands-on with The Last of Us at PAX East | AWESOMEoutof10

Writer Darik Kirschman is at PAX East and managed to get some time with Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. Read his impressions and laugh at his inability to not get killed by mutants.

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4lc4pon31889d ago

Easily day one for me. I WANT MY LAST OF US NOW

ps3_pwns1889d ago

this and beyond two souls day one purchase for me so many games on playstation and so little time.

TheFallenAngel1889d ago

Where is the demo for the God of War Ascension people!!

medman1888d ago

The Last of My Sanity.

DeletedAcc1888d ago

Go to gamespot and you will see gameplay <3 my game *_*