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Diablo III on PS3: New gameplay video shows off battles and console UI

Blizzard has provided our first extended look at Diablo III running on PlayStation 3, and the hack-and-slash RPG action looks glorious. (PS3)

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Tzuno  +   977d ago
It has new effects watch background movement on Azmodan fight. I am bored by this game on my pc now i wait for 1.0.8 patch.
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Neixus  +   977d ago
I had this game on my pc,was okay, but this seems like it's on another level. going to be so fun to play offline coop with my friends and stuff,can't wait! :)
kevnb  +   977d ago
it looks to have some serious framerate issues on ps3. As soon as there is too much happening at once you can notice it, right before it changes to another scene.
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Saleem101  +   977d ago
Kevnb= trollmaster!!!
EditorAtGNG  +   977d ago
All right, all right I admit I was bored of Diablo 3 cause the overall quality of the story and levels was subpar when compared to the highly praised original (which I played for a decade and more). However, this does in deed look interesting and refreshing and I bet it will work quite well on a console. I am assuming it will play VERY differently and will have its own set of innovative ideas that will make it great for new (and old) players to jump on. What I am really hopping is joined servers with the PC crowd... we really need more players right now since the servers are barren.
ab5olut10n  +   977d ago
Rageanitus  +   977d ago
they should have released this alongside with the PC.... Im afraid it will not sell that well since most of us already know what d3 IS.

Plus there is not excuse to pick it up right now since the game is not power hungry. If the game comes out at 39.99 then it is OK the price.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   977d ago
I can't play Crack III on PC for more than a week without my account becoming compromised... I refuse to dish out money for that authenticator considering blizzard should have everything under control on their end without me buying it. Hopefully the PS3 version won't have that problem.
kevnb  +   977d ago
if you have a smart phone the app is free.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   977d ago
Had no clue... thanks
DivineAssault  +   977d ago
im buying this game but ima wait for the PS4 version..
Derekvinyard13  +   977d ago

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