What's the Buzz on Ouya? New Gaming Console Launches This Week | Hardcore Droid

So have you heard about Ouya? It’s an independently developed gaming console for Android titles. You plug it into your TV and play it with a controller like any other system… Except that it’s only 99 bucks, and all the games are free to try, and it’s open-source so you can hack it if you’re into that sort of thing.

Seeing as this Android gaming system launches this Thursday and we're an Android gaming mag, we thought we had better give you the lowdown on the buzz surrounding the world's latest gaming conosle:

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ATi_Elite2031d ago

What Buzz? There is NO Buzz about this "Thing"

I done already forgot what this article was about because of the LACK of buzz.



wouldnt drop a 20 on that.

BanBrother2031d ago

Lmao. No-one knows what the Ouya is except a certain percentage of the hardcore internet dwelling gamers (such as myself). Why would I buy this piece of crap to play angry birds or temple run on my 55inch TV? Waste of time. Absolute gimmick. Wouldn't get one if it were $10, as I would not, could not find a use for it.

Abriael2031d ago

The buzz on the ouya died in a few months. As I predicted.

CommonSenseGamer2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

The O/S looks pretty solid, its media support looks great, can use the chrome browser and download other apps. Sure the games may not be too everyone's tastes but there are some real gems available for a few cents or dollars. Certainly comparable to PS Store and Marketplace only games. I think it provides a great cheap gaming and media alternative.

As for the buzz...I've not seen any marketing for it in my neck of the woods however, I'm sure there would be interest with the right push.

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The story is too old to be commented.