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Submitted by gabescow 1054d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft Dictates Gaming's Future

Big Box Gaming looks at the possibility of Microsoft eliminating used game sales and what that attempt might mean for gamers in the coming generation of consoles. Regardless of if it's sucessful or not. (Industry, Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   1054d ago
Next gen is anybody's game.
Septic  +   1054d ago
Let's hope it's like this gen; everybody's game. All the better for us.
s45gr32  +   1053d ago
An improvement from this generation rather than the same as this generation. Which was all Microsoft not everybody's game except for valve.
SilentNegotiator  +   1053d ago
It was definitely closer than the 6th generation, in which Ps2 sales were unbelievable and everyone else's sales were fairly miserable.
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jrbeerman11  +   1053d ago
septic gets it
Knight_Crawler  +   1054d ago
The internet will explode come E3 and N4G will be down due to the madness that will follow after the 720 shows us what they have in store for next gen.

I think people are underestimating what MS will show at E3 and will be blown away by the 720. The fact that MS has the specs well protected is saying that MS does not want Sony or Nintendo to copy what they are doing and want to be different next gen as this will determine which console people will buy - this gen offering from both MS and Sony was almost similar but next gen expect the 720 and the PS4 to be two different beast.
nix  +   1053d ago
or nothing might happen...
mcstorm  +   1053d ago
I agree. No one knew what to expect from Sony or Nintendo before they decided to show us what they had and I hope your right about Sony and Microsoft doing something different as this will give more people a reason to own all 3 consoles to.

I have a Wiiu and although its lacking games at the mo I've been impressed with it. I also can't wait to get Lego city next week. The Wiiu has faults but the 360 and ps3 did when they came out and the ps4 and next Xbox will do to but I can't wait to get my hands on what Sony and Microsoft have to offer us.

I think one thing the next Xbox will do is bring windows 8 windows phone 8 and home console even close together than they are now.
Clarence  +   1053d ago
@knight crawler
Seriously M$ doesn't want Sony or Nintendo to copy what their doing?
M$ copies everything. I'm not saying that the 720 will be garbage, but M$ is not known to be innovative.

There are no visionaries at that company. When you have the head of the company saying " I want us to be more like Apple."

If you want to know what the next Xbox will do, just look at Sony, Apple, and Nintendo. M$ will try to capture the essence of each one of those companies, and
show it off like they came up with it out thin air.

As far as this gen offering from Sony and M$ being similar..
M$ didn't have bluray, hdmi ports, changeable hard drive, wifi, Internet surfing, 7.1 surround sound and free online.

Again how is that similar?
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s45gr32  +   1053d ago
While I agree I just see Microsoft creating new ways to fee up gamers after all gamers love fees. Free is bad
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andreasx  +   1053d ago
We lost this guy to microsofts brainwashing :( he was a good soldier...
hay  +   1054d ago
I sure hope next gen will be indie's game. With PS development being more dev friendly like Microsoft's, and MS probably pushing XNA even further. New golden age of gaming should arrive soon.
Bladesfist  +   1054d ago
XNA has been discontinued.
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PeaSFor  +   1053d ago
"and MS probably pushing XNA even further. "

not sure if serious....
TheSauce  +   1053d ago
MS probably has something in store for indies next gen

Those Minecraft $$$ have to be making some kind of impact on MS
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ALLWRONG  +   1053d ago
MS has new indie tools for next gen. It makes no sense for MS to use the same XNA tools for next gen.

Try harder Sony guys.
Bladesfist  +   1053d ago
@edonus Serious? I develop games as a hobby and plenty of other people like me exist. Tools like Unity and UDK are already very easy to use. Anyone could work with them. What part is a complicated process?

@ALLWRONG I'm a PC Gamer
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NeverEnding1989  +   1054d ago
M$ hasn't done a single thing and they've already stolen almost all the hype SONY produced with the PS4 unveiling. It'll be interesting to see N4G explode when M$ actually confirms the existence of the 720, let alone the many, many rumours flying around.
DigitalRaptor  +   1054d ago | Well said
Sorry, I'm failing to see this "theft" of hype.

All I've seen is negative rumours - if you're hyped after negativity, what use are you to this industry?
Root  +   1054d ago | Well said
Sorry but how have they stolen the PS4 hype

....the rumors so far about the Nextbox doesn't make me excited for it. If they are true then it would make me want to buy a PS4 first.

I don't get how your type of "gamers" can say such things about MS when they don't seem to give a crap about the gaming community or the industry over the past few years. Why support someone so much who doesn't care for you, I mean I know Nintendo and Sony don't care for me as a person, I could die tomorrow and you wouldn't see them shed a tear or leave a flower on my grave but as a gamer they've supported me much more then MS.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1054d ago
I'm sorry but the rumoured specs and abilities have only overshadowed the PS4 info in a negative way. I'm not saying that the rumours are true -- in fact I doubt them myself -- but trust me, if you go to sites like Gaff you'll see that the majority of people are NOT welcoming these rumours at all with many people basing their next purchase (The PS4) on them even though these are still only rumours.

Microsoft need to get that 'real' information out there and do it fast because if they don't, regardless of whether the rumours are true or not, people will always 'assume' the worse and opt for the PS4 instead.

Like I said, I don't believe them myself, but your interpretation of 'buzz' is completely different from the reality that is currently spreading through the internet ... unless you are happy with the negative exposure that the 720 is getting? I doubt that though and it seems to me that you may be inadvertently cherry picking the info that suits your comment.

Here's what is now commonly understood:

The 720 is weaker than the PS4
The 720 will block used games
The 720 won't work unless it's always online
The 720 needs Kinect to work
The 720 requires full installs of all games

All the above could be absolute nonsense but that is the information that is being discussed. Hardly a great way of grabbing the headlines, I'm sure you'd have to agree.
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gabescow  +   1054d ago
Agreed, not too much positive info for MS so far.
Jek_Porkins  +   1053d ago
Microsoft doesn't need to come out in a panic to deny or announce anything right now. They should stick to their plan, they are getting a ton of press, even if it's bogus press invented to try and lure them into speaking about the Xbox 720.

There is no such thing as bad publicity, in a time when the PS4 has already been announced, the Xbox 720 is dominating based off pure rumor and speculation, doesn't matter if it's negative or not, it's what people are talking about, which means everyone will be even more likely to tune in and see what Microsoft has to offer when they finally decide to show it off.

Nobody is going to opt for a PS4 based on negative rumors, and the PS4 isn't even available for pre-order yet, so there is plenty of time for Microsoft to do what they do best, spend money on marketing and put on a big show for the people.
MysticStrummer  +   1053d ago
"There is no such thing as bad publicity"

So ridiculous and untrue. When word spreads about a bad movie, people won't go see it, or they'll at least wait for it to hit Netflix or some kind of rental. When word spreads about a bad game, people won't buy it. Hell word about a game can spread months before it even releases, and it will have an impact on sales. Look at Dead Space 3. It's a great game if you take it for what it is, but word spread that it was more action oriented than horror so it sold poorly.

Gribble is right. All these rumors could turn out to be false, but the longer MS lets them hang out there, the more people will go with PS4 instead. I see this topic being discussed in the forums of non-gaming sites, and the reaction has been universally negative. Most gamers don't want what MS is rumored to be doing. The only place I see positive reactions, or even a "let's wait and see" attitude about it, is here on N4G. False rumors still persist about both PS3 and 360 after all this time, some positive and some negative, so some rumors do stick in people's minds. So far Sony has only benefited from what MS is doing.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1053d ago
Record breaking preorders:
slampunk  +   1053d ago
I agree with what you've said @gribble but sony fans should look closer to home as well. The PS4 will be similar in a lot of ways.

"The 720 is weaker than the PS4" i believe this is true but wont be much. i expect MS to be the cheaper console to compensate. All next gen needs to do is 1080P at "hopefully" 60FPS.

"The 720 will block used games" Except for PS4 games so will PS4 as it's not backwards compatible? Time will tell for MS....Gaikai will also charge a subscription, be tied to PS plus or charge per game.

"The 720 won't work unless it's always online" Gaikai , sharing etc...and basically all the new features sony fans have been celebrating require an "always on" connection to use. I'm sure it will work offline....

"The 720 needs Kinect to work" If it is inbuilt it's part of the system. I'm sure you'll be able to use the controller if you prefer too. Sony also sees Kinect as a huuugggeee threat or the wouldn't have made the new PS eye....Revealing it in Feb is proof of that....why would it be mandatory?

"The 720 requires full installs of all games" - PS3 / 360 installs games and it will certainly be an option for PS4 / 720....The HDD from what i've read can use the data at greater speed than from the will be able to remove a game once complete it and install again if required. Apparently you'll be able to play as it's installing so i cant see an issue? The question is whether it will have a code with each game?

People need to open their eyes and not be blinded by one company.....Both companies want you to be connected to the internet whilst gaming for obvious reasons....installs make sense if it's quicker for the console to access data etc...
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GribbleGrunger  +   1053d ago
Well, yes, I agree, but we are discussing the 720 here and I'm answering a particular poster who thinks the current rumours are actually a 'good' thing. That's the only reason I posted those rumours up. Like I said, I don't personally believe them.
ArmrdChaos  +   1053d ago
Sensible statements Slampunk. Unfortunately here at N4G egos need to eat...just like flies on dung.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1053d ago
It's not a sensible response at all. We are replying to a fan of MS who claims that the recent rumours are stealing Sony's thunder. It does not matter whether Sony are doing the same, we are addressing ONE posters view on negative press. I simply then posted those up to show him why MOST people would not see it as 'hype' but rather as yet more reasons to pick another console. This has nothing to do with fanboyism or bias, it's to do with the posters odd interpretation of all the negative press. Can we please stop polarizing every damned conversation just to maintain people's status quo. Sometimes opinions are just opinions you know.
ichimaru  +   1053d ago
No response policy means they don't address rumors. the only people affect by the rumor mill right now are people running online and actively searching gaming sites for news\rumors. I think its funny that they've remained this silent, Makes me more confident in what they have brewing. if they came out to "defend" themselves they'd be admitting they even have a console
ArmrdChaos  +   1053d ago
In response to Gribble...his responses to your individual bullet points were sensible. Until MS releases information it is nothing more than conjecture and his answers are no more stronger/weaker than yours. The second part of my statement was directed at the general nature of this site...especially when it comes to who is better than who subject material.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1053d ago
Fair enough, ArmrdChaos, I apologise for misinterpreting your comment. I just find it frustrating when trying to answer a specific issue and at the same time people veer off in all directions lol.
MikeMyers  +   1053d ago

1. MS could come out and react to the PS4 announcement by showing the next Xbox right away but that would show signs of desperation

2. MS could reply to the rumors but that would lead to more questions about the new Xbox which they are obviously not ready to reveal just yet

3. MS can just let the rumors run wild until they are ready to make an official announcement

I think they are smart to just stay on course. The PS4 reveal shouldn't matter to them right now. They can learn from the reactions but nothing has been sold so far. All this talk about the PS4 on the internet doesn't mean they will all translate into sales. Pre-orders sound very positive but again there is no pricing in place and no word on the next Xbox. Granted some people will get one regardless of price and some people will ignore the new Xbox no matter what MS does.

The thing is the forums don't show trends in real consumer demand. If that were the case here then Vita would have sold much better and Call of Duty would have sold much worse.

I can only speak for myself and I had no desire to buy Kinect but 24 million others did. Right now the PS4 is on the top of my list but again that is only coming from the small information we have seen so far. I don't have a list of all launch games. I don't know the final pricing. I don't know what the network or membership fess if any will be. I don't even know if all games will even be in 1080p native resolution or if games will continue to struggle at 30fps again. These early demos we've seen don't mean much until the final product comes out. There's always a frenzy of hype surround a new system. Then reality sets in and the network craps out, games get delayed, games need major updates, and so on. That's why I am in no rush to make any decision.

I've said it before but Microsoft needs to prove to me they are serious. They need to show me the goods and not hide behind demos and words. If they want to control the living room with a cable set-top box that also plays games and other services like music libraries and exclusive deals with UFC and all that, that's fine. I'm looking for a game experience first and foremost. I'm not going to pay a monthly fee to have all of that cloud my gaming needs. I'm also not going to support a new version of Kinect if its forced into my games. If it can be done better with a controller then let the controller dominate. If it's more immersive and fun with Kinect then prove it.
smashcrashbash  +   1054d ago
You have to be joking.Gamers yelling 'Well I guess I am going to buy a Wii U or PS4 instead of a Next gen Xbox if this is true' is hype? In what dimension is that hype? People were all ready to condemn the PS4 if even one of the negative rumors were true and somehow now for Microsoft it is theft of hype? I mean there is only so much you can spin something.And with Microsoft not confirming or denying anything just makes it worse.People will be ready to kick their @$$es especially if the used game blocking rumor is true.You should be hoping it isn't and not boasting about it.
ichimaru  +   1053d ago
because microsoft hasn't acknowleged their next console exist. It's like you telling me your not having a child, and I keep asking if its a boy.
Bumpmapping   1054d ago | Spam
PS4isKing_82  +   1054d ago
Oh really? I suppose that's why all the devs can't stop praising the ps4 and why the ps3 is getting kingdom hearts hd, FFX and X2 HD, drakengard 3 all exclusive From square enix and now more new exclusive game reveals next week from sega.

But ya ur right, Xbox has all the hype. Silly me. Whatever was I thinking.
YodaCracker  +   1053d ago
Developers cannot praise a console that they are not yet allowed to acknowledge the existence of.
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Cocozero  +   1054d ago
Its true, all 720 stories are a lot "hotter" than the PS4 stories on N4G so even on a site with 98% Sony fanboys the 720 is more of interest to them.

When it gets announced expect crashes.
puamdefokejpn  +   1053d ago
Hotter yes,.. because we are all afraid it will be a total crap and news indicate that.
BitbyDeath  +   1053d ago
'When it gets announced expect crashes.'

You think they'll put it back in again?
greenpowerz  +   1053d ago
The attention the 720 gets and the tactic of trying to negatively shape opinion of the 720 in a hopelessly futile effort will backfire big time.

When MSFT announces the opposite of what the anti MSFT rumors have been saying with a mind blowing console and mind blowing service offerings, that will cause more attention/praise/support/hype/ media-saving-facing-talk than the 720 simply being announced without all the attacks and manufactured controversy.(I'd be surprised if anybody will be talking about PS4 when the 720 is announced thanks to S.D.F.)

I mean they're are clearly panicking, when people are making up story after story in a negative light about features that allows auto functionality because the 720 stays *always connected* if it detects the web allowing things like remote access auto updating and never signing out etc

The standby feature attacks are even more moronic. Who would complain that their device can be controlled when it is off either with Kinect or remotely -Smartglass/PC etc-because it's *always on*

Who would misunderstand these features as being DRM or MSFT spying on you? Either mentally challenged people or folks purposely defying logic and reason as an excuse to attack.


What devs were praising PS4 before it was revealed?
I think you just proved his point. Why has a console that has not even been announced getting so much attention on websites? You felt defensive about the attention of an announced console vs one that has not been announced when this shouldn't be the case. Now imagine when the 720 gets announced.

Thousands of xbox fans are patiently waiting for 720 info and even many more thousands of Sony fans patrolling the web every day at every hour waiting for 720 news. What do you think will happen when the rest of the world knows the new xbox is coming for sure?

N4G is the FOX NEWS of gaming
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Alos88  +   1054d ago
"M$ hasn't done a single thing and they've already stolen almost all the hype SONY produced with the PS4 unveiling"
Said no one ever.
Valkyre  +   1054d ago
you are the most retarded individual of this month. Congratulations.
MysticStrummer  +   1053d ago | Well said
@NeverEnding1989 - Your comment is proof of a parallel universe. All MS has done is allow rumors to exist which make the PS4 look more attractive. They haven't stolen any of Sony's hype with that strategy, they've only enhanced it. N4G will only explode if most of the rumors turn out to be wrong and 720 turns out to be more powerful, which will be ironic since power hasn't mattered to the 360 fans.

From the article - "One theory is that Microsoft could include the ability to play used games as a paid service, which for me is the best case scenario. Because it means they aren’t going to completely kill used games right off the bat."

Paying to play used games is a best case scenario...? Incredible. I feel sorry for the MS faithful, but because of them I feel sorry for gaming as a whole. Paying to play online was/is ok with them, so the gaming industry is searching for other ways to sell us what we should already own when we buy a game. Thanks a lot, meatheads. None of you should complain for one second about things like Online Passes, or anything similar. You and MS opened that door.
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andreasx  +   1053d ago
Ignore this moron, he's been a neverending troll since 1989
LakerGamerEnthusiast  +   1053d ago
LOL . That is all.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1053d ago
""M$ hasn't done a single thing and they've already stolen almost all the hype SONY produced with the PS4 unveiling."

One question.. Can you prove this?

360 can't even beat ps3 around the world on a so I think people are hyped for ps4.

Back to your miserable life and enjoy kinect 2 and online drm.
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BuffMordecai  +   1053d ago
What a story Mark.

Related image(s)
HonestDragon  +   1053d ago
Wait, when exactly have Microsoft stolen any hype from Sony's press conference? If anything, the only thing that has been generated from Microsoft and their next console is negativity. Everything from DRM to blocking used games to online passes have made the next Microsoft console sound unappealing to most people. I really doubt that MS will benchmark anything that could really grab consumers' attention.
gabescow  +   1054d ago
I doubt a lot of this info has made its way outside of the "hardcore gaming community" but Sony definitely has the better type of hype going for it right now. I would think Microsoft's reveal would start getting people talking in a good way, but their focus so far seems off target this next gen...we'll see.
fei-hung  +   1054d ago
You will be surprised how quick these articles can spread via social networks!
gamertk421  +   1054d ago
When the PS4 was announced, the rumors swirled about lack of memory, the end of used games, and no backward compability. Those were all debunked (maybe not entirely the 3rd one, as it is more of a workaround). The point is, all the negative surrounding the next Xbox might be false as well. All we can do is hope that most of them just aren't true. I'd prefer next gen to be about fairly equal machines and offerings from Sony and MS, but time will tell. The truth is out there.
Soldierone  +   1053d ago
Not really. Lots of people will hopefully wake up and stop being fanboys if Ms decides to be greedy by blocking used games and all the "spy on you" crap comes true.

There is a line you dance around, those rumors are simply stomping on the line and laughing.

If MS does all this, then Sony jumps in, well guess what? Valve and others are sitting there saying "may we come into your home?"
ps3_pwns  +   1053d ago
No!!!!! gamers dictate gaming future and thats the same for real life countries but sometimes people are so dumb and dont make the right choices for whataver dumb reason. you dont make choices on what your friend thinks something is cool. you make choices on whats best, whats right, and what gives everyone who is good the most freedom and happiness. Im personally going with the ps4 in the new gen and ill grab a wii u on the cheap for the old school nintendo nostalgia but i will get a ps4 first. I personally have no freakng clue why anyone would get the x720 unless its for puerly idiotic reasons. bungie doesnt make halo anymore sink the xbox and all the games will be on the ps4. japan has honur and loyalty and big american corporations do not. why you think the economy messed up.
gamertk421  +   1053d ago
You lost a lot of respect points with the broad statement claiming the saintliness of Japanese corporations in comparison to American companies. Big businesss is big business. They care far more for your $ than you as an individual, and that goes for any huge corporation regardless of nationality. The only difference is how effective they are in spinning public perception.
ichimaru  +   1053d ago
"japan has honur and loyalty and big american corporations do not" please honor kill your computer
ps3_pwns  +   1052d ago
you pay for online on your xbox u dont for ps3/wiiu please learn facts. not only that but EA sim city enough said. the only reason some japanese trying to do over priced dlc is because they trying to copy the original americans like ea and MS. they are like hey these guys getting away with stuff gamers must like it or not care and do it. but even then japanesees dlc is mostly quality look at nintendo.

dont even get me started on bailing out the big banks and car dealerships and crap. do you even live in the U.S lol. you must be playing sim city and baseing all your lies on sim city fake corporations you make with bad a.i.

how about you go get your weak barely upgraded yearly release 700+ dollar iphone that has no upgradeable memory and no flash.
ichimaru  +   1052d ago

"do you even live in the U.S lol. you must be playing sim city and baseing all your lies on sim city fake corporations you make with bad a.i. "

-_- That doesn't even deserve a response. I'm serrisouly worried for you man. get some help please
4lc4pon3  +   1053d ago
maybe its just me but I actually sold my 360 today. I beat gears judgement and I was just def up in general with the 360 as a console. I am not saying its a bad console but its just boring IMO (Unless your a heavy online multiplayer person)

I tend to stay with single player games as I love the stories so I dont play much online gaming & I felt the 360 for Single player games really lacked. The only games I really liked on the 360 were the Gears of war series.

In order for M$ to bank my money they are going to need to focus on the games themselves (Single Player). I am just not a fan of the Kinect so if the Durango is all about Kinect 2.0 then I just cant buy.

As said this is just MY opinion of the 360 as it stands today. I am not a firm believer of judging before I see get to see the product so only time will tell. I just hope that M$ puts focus into the Games rather then Kinect 2.0 & to many Media Features.
Aceman18  +   1053d ago
even though i don't use my 360 as much i plan on keeping it as it will probably be the last M$ product i buy.

the only way they get me to pony up money for their new system is they have to show they are about games(new IPs to be exact) i don't want to see the same 4 franchises run over, and over.

also i don't care about kinect, or the stupid apps they try to shove down our throats.
GrantXL  +   1053d ago
I agree I've lost interest in multiplayer too. Ps3 just seems suit me more for single player games. I also tend to finish games on ps3
steve30x  +   1053d ago
If the online always rumour is true and if its not done right thrn their next console will dictate their consoles downfall.
ACESupERIC  +   1053d ago
I have most consoles from atari til now and if these rumors (hopefully) are true this will be the first time that a console has lost my interest before it even releases. I don't care about kinect and if ms wants to keep trying to push it they better have an option for traditional controller use because they'll be alienating a lot of their fanbase. Always online isn't such a big deal because it's always online now. (for a fee) But if you CANTplay without a connection, then they're basically shooting themselves in the foot. But the biggest deal breaker for me is blocking used games. If I can't buy used, or loan my copy to a friend, or borrow from a friend, then so long ms. It was funwhile it lasted. Sad

it lasted
puamdefokejpn  +   1053d ago
Sesame Street 3 and Kinect Disneyland Adventures 2 are going to change gaming forever,..

Sony and Nitty cannot compete,.. might as well quit while they have a chance.
#10 (Edited 1053d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
GraveLord  +   1053d ago
Xbox 720 blocks used games.
PS4 doesn't.

Xbox 720 has DRM in the form of "always online" and the console doesn't work without Kinect plugged in.

PS4 doesn't have any of that.

It's an easy choice unless you are a fanboy.
Dms2012  +   1053d ago
Your spewing this out as fact with nothing announced, hence you are a fanboy. What you should say is: I HOPE Xbox 720 blocks used games, and I HOPE Xbox 720 has DRM in the form of "always online" and the console doesn't work without Kinect plugged in, and "I HOPE that Microsoft exits the console market altogether".
This is what sets people like you and myself apart as far as gaming goes, I don't want to see Sony, Nintendo, PC, or even Valve fail. It's a gaming community, not a gaming CULT.
#11.1 (Edited 1053d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
soxfan2005  +   1053d ago
"It's an easy choice unless you are a fanboy."

Which you clearly are.

Dms2012 is right. You're hoping it's true because you're so afraid of the next Xbox. If the PS4 is so great, why are you here pre-emptively bashing a non-existent console? The answer is obvious.
#11.2 (Edited 1053d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
ichimaru  +   1053d ago
"easy choice unless you are a fanboy" -_- says the fanboy judging others for reserving their opinion for the official announcement instead of running with the rumor bandwagon, your logic is pathetically weak but even more disappointing is your willingness to insult others ad hominid who don't agree with you. enjoy your gaming,stow the immaturity
Max-Zorin  +   1053d ago
Lmao at these comments. I won't be surprised if Sony and MS fanboys start fighting at E3.
Derekvinyard13  +   1053d ago
vizsual  +   1053d ago
Its always entertaining to read the comments. No one knows what Microsoft has planned other than rumors circulating around the net. Sony has drawn the line in the sand and everyone is taking sides. Seems to be a whole bunch of "its over if next box doesn't play used games" and "PS4 is more powerful" blah blah. Why not wait and see. Its been quite some time since I've owned a sony console, but the PS4 definitely has my attention. As for the next box and used games,its a big gamble if its true and if it will workout or not, but you'd have to be a fool to think big M doesn't have a plan.
Tzuno  +   1053d ago
My Pc is ready to combat those nasty consoles if they prove to be limited in more bad ways.
GrantXL  +   1053d ago
I think its going to be a tough decision, which console to purchase first if any. PC maybe the way to go
dcortz2027  +   1053d ago
If all these rumors(or even just some of them) turn out to be true, then R.I.P Xbox 720 and Microsoft in the gaming industry.
oisdiopjsdf   1053d ago | Spam
dangerousjo33  +   1053d ago
this silly to worry about n the first place u think by kicking gamers who play tons of use games really hurt ms lol right!! their not even making a buck off them anyway rather they buy used games r not losing use game market well just makes more teens and adults want go cut grass or save up their money to buy new games off the back like they use to do for 30 yrs b4 this NEW trade in good idea/bad idea started back n 2000. it was a good idea to help ppl share old games that sat in their closets with dust on them and make money off their used crap to pick up a new game with that money. but guess what now that used game market is cutting into the new game market more then ever like even if u work youll say to uself why buy one new game now when i can wait a year till its old then ill buy it used then. but till then ill buy 4 used games for the price of of one even know this kind of person is killing the gaming industry from simply being so smart and making that easy choice but if their was no use game to pick from he/she would have bought a new game. this gaming industry is a bussnise after all like it or not im still buying x720 day one.
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