Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD -- Lulu Had Cornrows All Along?!

The high-definition remaster of Final Fantasy X is looking fantastic. While there are still no screenshots of Final Fantasy X-2 in HD yet, if the FFX pictures are any indication, they are also bound to be gorgeous. The revamped graphics really do make a significant improvement; they’re really taking advantage of the PlayStation 3 and VITA’s texture capabilities to unveil what couldn’t be rendered as clearly before, such as Lulu’s cornrows. That’s imperative to the plot, you know. Hit the jump to read more about what just what the HD package will bring.

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N0S3LFESTEEM1433d ago

Why is fittycent there? In fact why are all those guys in the picture... they don't have cornrows. Seems like a bit of profiling going on here...

Septic1433d ago

Well when I think cornrows, I kind of think of black people (Sean Paul for some reason actually ). Most of my mates who've had them are black. It definitely is more common for black people to have them.

But yeah maybe there was a bit profiling going on but I doubt any malice or disrespect was intended. Pure conjecture on my part though. Just trying to douse any unnecessary flames.

InTheLab1433d ago

No one in G Unit has cornrows. They just threw in some random Black people because all Black people are thugs with cornrows, apparently. /sigh

Blaze9291433d ago

never heard of twinfinite before today - definitely won't be returning to such a racist website.

capitanandi1433d ago

If you don't feel like scrolling down, here is the comment where I address another person's concerns about this:
"I get what you mean, but I assure you those generalizations could not have been further from my intentions. In this instance, it was purely for exaggerated comedic purposes. While I think, in this particular instance, you just may be over-thinking it, I would like to apologize for having offended you. Thank you for your input."
Have a nice day, everybody.

Apollosupreme1433d ago

Off THUG topic but Auron is a total tank badass. I can't wait to rip through this game in HD. This was the last quality FF game on par with the standards set in the past.

MrAnderson1432d ago

fitty? seriously, lol, you a straight up gangsta yo /s

Donnieboi1432d ago

I'm black and I think it's funny.

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TheTwelve1433d ago

The pic is stupid, but not racist/profiling. Cut the drama ya'll.

XB1_PS41433d ago

Well, actually, it is racial profiling. It's just not racist.

N0S3LFESTEEM1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Sofresh has it right. It's like saying all black people like chicken.

The_Blue1432d ago

Should of use a picture of Riff Raff, but racist are stupid.

DivineAssault 1428d ago

Lulu would get boned from this thug.. (if she were real).. a gothic chick looking like that would get a ring from me lol

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Snookies121433d ago

Ummm, I realized that she had corn rows the very first day I played this on PS2 lol.

The_Blue1432d ago

Should of use a picture of Riff Raff

izumo_lee1433d ago

Ok this HD collection enhances the graphics of the characters like Lulu & the first thing you mention is her hair? Ummmm isn't there another part of her physique that is well more noticeable than her hair just saying.

Well Tetsuya Nomura did go on record saying that Lulu is one of his favorite designs.

WilliamH1433d ago

Cornrows? More like Lulu with enhanced TITTIES & FUNBAGS!

KingKelloggTheWH1433d ago

You didn't realize that with all the Cg cutscenes?

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