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Gimme some of dat Skooma.

I’m ashamed. I’ve let everyone down. It’s been nearly one full, long year since I beat my addiction, but today at PAX East, I succumbed to my drug of choice: The Elder Scrolls. As an addict, there’s a constant struggle. You know how dangerous even just a taste of open-world exploration mixed with a spark of magic and the clang of sword hitting armor can be, but you also know just how sweet it is. Deliciously sweet. Until it consumes my entire life. This time, it’s my riskiest relapse yet—The Elder Scrolls Online truly never ends, and I can team up with other quest junkies for a fix.

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Wedge192067d ago

Too bad it probably won't see consoles....

Sev2067d ago

I don't mind that now that I'm a PC gamer :)

dbjj120882067d ago

This sounds way too addictive...

doctorstrange2066d ago

There goes your bank balance

Wedge192066d ago

Balance of time AND money is reduced to negatives.