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Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

That's honestly the first thing that immediately came to mind when thinking back over my hands-on experience with Supergiant Games' upcoming title Transistor. And let's be real for a moment: After seeing the screenshots below, can you really blame me? This small, yet talented, development team has managed to create one of the most gorgeous and enchanting worlds I have ever explored in gaming. If you've played Bastion, the studio's prior title, this should hardly come as a surprise.

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Wedge191971d ago

Makers of Bastion? This game is sure to be great.

Sev1971d ago

Damn skippy. Supergiant is the sherznert.

dbjj120881971d ago

What is the dictionary definition of sherznert?

alexcosborn1971d ago

Bastion will be a tough act to follow, but I think they're up to the challenge.

dbjj120881971d ago

Can't wait for this game or anything from Supergiant.