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Hail to the Saints!

After conquering all he/she/you set out to do as leader of the infamous Saints in Saints Row: The Third, what the most logical step for a gang leader to take? Why, to become the next president of the free world, of course!

Yes, it's true; in Saints Row 4, the leader of the Saints has been elected as President of the United States, and the rest of the Saints are the newly appointed Cabinet members. Not long after everyone has sworn their oaths and taken office, a race of aliens called Zen beams down to earth and kidnaps the Saints. Of course the President doesn't stay captured for long, and now it's part of the presidential duties to stop the aliens, rescue the Saints, and perhaps kill voters along the way.

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dbjj120882041d ago

I can't believe I'm excited about this game despite GTA V, but the super powers look B.A.

Sev2041d ago

Plus, purple dildos.

Wedge192041d ago

I have yet to play a Saints Row game, but color me curious

ICarly19852040d ago

I've played all the saints row games but I have 1 question that I'm thinking noone is bringing up....where is dex? I remember playing the last DLC to saints row 2 where he escapes and your character vows that no matter where he is he will get him and then...that's it...nothing is mentioned of him afterwords, he just...fell off the map