Capcom Reveals Ducktales Remastered, Live At PAX East

Super PolyPixel - Earlier today during their PAX East Panel Capcom revealed Ducktales Remastered which is developed by WayForward. We were there in full force and uploaded the video earlier today. Only now are we able to actually take a break and write something about it. Watch as the panelists play the trailer a second time and make everyone sing along. Because, well, everyone knows the lyrics right?

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vork771766d ago

a megaman panel revealed duck tales

IamTimO1766d ago

Where did you understand it was a Megan panel? It was a capcom panel entitled "world of capcom"

vork771766d ago

with them revealing a item for the 25th birthday and them talking about megaman

pythonxz1766d ago

LOL. This shows how awesome the 90s were. Practically everyone in that room started to sing.

jXales1766d ago

that was semi akward. why are all these remastered hd blasts from the past coming soon?

why don't they make an all new one? or seriously enhance the old one with new stuff so it is like playing it all over again as new

secretcode1766d ago

Ducktales isn't exactly an easy franchise to work with with zero new accompanying media.

nevin11766d ago

The majority of the audience are too young to know about Duck Tales.

GiggMan1766d ago

One of the best theme songs ever!!! Up there with Heathcliff and Inspector Gadget.

I'm getting old lol.

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