New Xbox Reportedly Won’t Let You Play (Unless It Can Spy On You)

“Once it has identified how many people are there–and even who is there–the device will charge for content accordingly. If you pay for one content license but then more viewers join the room, it could halt playback and request that you pay for a different license. That means if you plan to have a movie marathon sleepover, Microsoft would like to charge you extra copyright money for the pleasure of snuggling and watching horror movies.”

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snake_eater2067d ago

Just point that thing to the wall or to your crotch, easy.

GamersRulz2067d ago

I hate when the media uses such deceiving headlines!

BullyMangler2067d ago

this ain't no NORMAL media, this some exposers of hidden truths . Just unplug it when not in use.

DragonKnight2067d ago

This is Alex Jones, not media. Nothing to see here folks.

BattleAxe2067d ago

Welp, I won't be touching the XBOX 720 with a 10 ft pole.

PSVita2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

There's no way these rumors are all true. How can they block games when their competitor isn't. GameStop would not be ok with that and neither would gamers. Besides Walmart I can't think of another place in my county that even sells systems and games I'd be crazy to knock money out of the hand that feeds even though it is justified in many ways. The kinect thing is probably fake too because if kit broke your forced to buy another. Great for them but no one would go for this and they know that. Sony blocks some of there games and it turns me off but it the people's choice to buy it, so I don't have a problem with that but to say MS is block all used games is ridiculous. We won't know for sure until they tell us so worry about "ifs" and "but" yet.

guitarded772067d ago

LoL... Alex Jones. People who listen to him are "off the grid" anyway, so they don't have to worry about this.

He used to always be on the Dudley and Bob radio show in Austin before he got huge among conspiracy theorists, and he admitted that he sensationalizes just about everything to get more listeners.

Blacktric2067d ago

"There's no way these rumors are all true. How can they block games when their competitor isn't."

Online play over PSN was free from the get go while it's still paid on Live, along with access to some certain apps. Why are you so surprised that Microsoft might've decided to pull such move after seeing how many were willing to pay 60 dollars a year just to play online? Now, they'll gain extra cash by blocking the used market...

TheRealSpy2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

I hate when commenters aren't actually replying to the previous comment, but rather just want their idiotic comment to get to the top.

Dee_912067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

infowars ...............



dont get me wrong im a conspiracy theory dude.But most of the time infowars be reaching

Blaze9292067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

articles like this, are just made out to mininform the masses. The damn thing hasnt even been announced, yet scare tactic words like "spy" are being used to describe the device.

and we all know damn well that's not what it's doing.

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Knight_Crawler2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

The Xbox 720 is doomed -_-

wishingW3L2067d ago

all the rumors are so negative!

InMyOpinion2067d ago Show
TheRealSpy2067d ago

based on what? rumors? or your desperate desire to see Sony thrive?

neither of which are based in reality.

Insomnia_842067d ago

lol good one let's spread that one around!! I like that one! lol

JsonHenry2067d ago

I love Alex Jones. For those of you that want to simply dismiss it as misleading then read the article he links to -

Aomizuchi2067d ago

They dismiss is because they are still in a coma. By the time people actually wake up it will be too late for most.

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Psn8002067d ago

To be honest who knows guys .

DarkHeroZX2066d ago

illuminati 720......makes perfect sense!!

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Godmars2902067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

I wonder if this is even going to need spin.

What part of motion sensor do you not comprehend?

And for the defenders: MS is doing this for themselves. Whether it sends actual images or not, is just data, they're still talking about using it for advertising. Might use it the count people watching movies and charge extra.

Cupid_Viper_32067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Listen up guys,

I don't find it too wrong for Microsoft to focus it's next console around Kinect. As you can see, the vast majority of their fans here don't seem to be bothered by it.

But if it's true that Kinect 2.0 will be required for the console to even function, then that's BS at the highest level. And no one in their right minds should be ok with this.

I'm typing on my laptop while taking a dump. I can't imagine how limiting it would be if my laptop required it's camera and microphone to always be on in order for me to use it.

Just imagine how invasive that would be. If the PS Vita's camera was required to always be on, I wouldn't have bought it. So it doens't matter if this was coming from Sony of Nintendo or whoever else.

If my cell phone's camera and mic were always on, I would never own one. It's simply too invasive and violates your privacy.

Imagine people with young boys and kids who will purchase the console. They have no idea who will be creeping and watching their kids on the other end of that thing. That's just grounds for all sort of problems for MS, and I don't think they've really thought this through.

God forbids if someone was to hack the next xbox and publish all the video data that Kinect 2.0 collects? The lawsuits and bad bublicity would kill the console.

gamefiles2067d ago

"God forbids if someone was to hack the next xbox and publish all the video data that Kinect 2.0 collects? The lawsuits and bad bublicity would kill the console."



Cupid viper

You do see all the cameras watching you in the real world right? Do you think this is new? Finally people are seeing these sick ass holes!

OlgerO2067d ago

Alright people Im a big sony fanboy, but feel I need to clarify something. In the PS4 press conference mark cerny said that if ou stop playing the Ps4 it will enter a low power state. In other words it will also be always on. ( I dont think it will record you though ;p )

Godmars2902067d ago

"Always on" in the specific case refers to always on-line. The system wont play game - AT ALL - if it isn't connected to the internet. That is the point of concern.

And while its true that current consoles are technically always online, that neither the Xbox 360 nor PS3 are fully functional without internet, you can still play the majority of their games.

Of course the bigger issue with the PS4 - since Xbox3 already has the online online to worry about - is the camera its going to have. That may very well be required. If so I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only console "Fanboy" who would consider that an ultimate deal breaker - I FLAT OUT WONT BUY A PS4!

Companies have no right to dictate how we use their products on that level.

ALLWRONG2067d ago

Doesn't the PS4 come with a Kinect clone like device? So the same could be said about Sony spying on people.

Anyway, just another forum rumor started here on N4G.

a_bro2067d ago

It will.... Except its not "always connected"...

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2067d ago

LMAO, the SDF sure got ALLWRONGs bubbles down to 1 fast. That was quick work!

Of course they're not playing their low rated exclusives that have been coming out lately, they're here putting bubbles down!

Hey yoOoooooooooooooo!

akaFullMetal2067d ago

Do you mean the pseye, or eyetoy from ps2, not a clone. Microsoft enhanced the concept of the eyetoy, and now the ps4 is as well. Everybody is taking away something good and making it better.

In this case for microsoft, maybe not so much.

ichimaru2067d ago

please explain to me like I'm five, why Microsoft would care how many people watch a movie. your realize they don't own the rights to movies being played and legally cannot charge, like the users games. Microsoft isn't really affected by the used games market, developers are. they would stand so little to gain its not worth mentioning in a board meeting

Godmars2902066d ago

If they can do something like count people watching TV and charge extra, it would probably be for special events. The Superbowl or the like. A base fee plus a 'discount' per person to encourage it.

But the real thing would be MS having the ability to track customer's likes. Actually, just like Sony will with the feature the PS4 will have to "predict" your likes and download content accordingly. A camera you can't turn off just makes it that more intrusive.

And for the hard of hearing fanboys who only focus on negatives about "their" console, I'm not saying that what Sony is doing is any better. That's why as bad as I consider this gen to be, as rushed and creatively bankrupt it was, the next is really starting to look worse. Intrusive with publishers concerned with retaining control of games they're suppose to be selling.

Lvl_up_gamer2066d ago

So are we still taking rumors as facts on this site? Who needs to spin rumors? It's a rumor so really no spinning would be needed since it hasn't been confirmed.

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animegamingnerd2067d ago

every rumor i hear about the new xbox makes me less and less want to get it

Jek_Porkins2067d ago

Key word "rumor". Last year were you convinced the PS4 wouldn't play used games? That was the rumor at that time.

Funny how people pick and choose what they want to believe.
Whatever happened to waiting and seeing what the actual company itself has to say? People salivating with anger over rumors...and all I can do is laugh at them...I mean if it's on the internet it must be true! lol

Realplaya2067d ago

But didn't theysay it w used games?on't play

deadfrag2067d ago

No KEY WORD BAD RUMOR that m$ should have come a stop it already if is indeed not truth because its spreading!

animegamingnerd2067d ago

i still don't completely believe that the PS4 will play use games until i see it for myself

trenso12067d ago

even with all the ps4 rumors i never believed for a second that they would block used games. I don't think MS is naive enough to do so either, but the difference between the ps4 rumors was that they had nothing to base it off besides one patent and eventually stopped. The 720 rumors have not stopped and for some reason more "information" keeps arising to further ruin their case that they are not blocking used games. Until they officially say something to me they aren't blocking used games.

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lastofgen2067d ago

Shouldn't this be tagged as a rumor??
It's an unofficial screen, a screenshot that easily could have been produced on a computer.

PopRocks3592067d ago

It's Alex Jones. Frankly it should have been tagged as "cockamamie bullshit."

konnerbllb2067d ago

Who would approve an info wars article? For shame.

gamefiles2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

You either didn't read the article or haven't seen the shocking vid contained within, or you work for "THEM" lol.

JsonHenry2067d ago

For shame, Infowars only links to commonly trusted media sites such as Reuters, AP, and others. Read the link and stop burying your head in the sand -

DragonKnight2067d ago

Infowars is the height of sensationalism and Alex Jones is a nutbag who is 2 seconds away from having an aneurysm.

kneon2067d ago

Yes they start with actual facts, then they totally misinterpret them and/or misunderstand them, add some wild speculation and convince the simple minded that the world is out to get them