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Welcome to Dunwall... again.

There's one particularly jaw-dropping event in Dishonored that sets the gears of Corvo's quest in motion, and a man named Daud is primarily responsible. The Knife of Dunwall, Arkane's substantially-sized single-player add-on, puts you in the shoes of this villainous character following the shocking murder of one unforgettably pivotal individual—if you've played the first hour of the main game, you'll know exactly who I'm talking about.

At first I was a bit puzzled as to why the developers decided to put you in the shoes of a completely different character, but after spending just a few minutes with the game, it all became clear. The universe that Arkane has created with Dunwall is full of mystery and intrigue, and getting to see that through the eyes of a completely different character casts a whole new light on the city. Better yet, Daud has an interesting personality and speaks quite often, giving the player a better sense of the person they're playing as. I'd even go so far as to say that I find him more compelling than Corvo.

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dbjj120881195d ago

Looks pretty cool. Way more involved than the previous DLC.

starchild1194d ago

Yeah, it looks quite good. I loved Dishonored, but I haven't played the DLC yet.

knifefight1195d ago

I'm always down for a Knife Fight! I mean...come on, right? I'm ME.

alexcosborn1195d ago

Just watch where you swing those things!

dbjj120881195d ago

I love knife fights!... in Counter-Strike.

alexcosborn1195d ago

Everyone runs faster with a knife!

ftwrthtx1195d ago

I like the idea of having different playable characters in the dlc.

TrendyGamers1195d ago

If I wasn't so busy with new games, I'd be getting this.

ftwrthtx1195d ago

Between my backlog and GDC next week, no time for new stuff.

JonnyBigBoss1195d ago

Wow, this looks like a good addition.

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