SEGA will announce multiple Sony exclusives next Thursday

Drew Bergmark of SEGA, according to a Japanese teaser page, will announce not one game as has been reported by the English games media but multiple games. As I was studying the teaser webpage's coding, I came across some Japanese characters in the source code: "株式会社セガによる、新タイトルが発表!3月28日 に全貌が明らかに". Roughly according to Google Translate, it says...


As I was trying to verify what I've been told through multiple people, I found out that Japanese nouns don't hold any plural definition as a regular noun could mean one or many. As I barely know any Japanese outside of 80's pop music, I'm going to blame myself for confusing anyone. Either way, we'll all find out what SEGA will announce come Wednesday since they'll probably announce it on Thursday in Japan.

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wishingW3L1612d ago

Valkyria Chronicles and Yakuza 5 please!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1612d ago

Wow!! Sony going hard early!! WiiU still trying to get 3rd party interested. smh.

silenius1612d ago

I wish to see a sequel of Vanquish and most importantly of Condemned 3!!!!!
Please Sega publish them...

Yi-Long1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

... Streets of Rage 4 (2D sprite-based gorgeous HD), and a new Shinobi please. Hopefully also 2D and sprite-based.

Oh, and a next-gen 3D free-roaming ECCO could be absolutely amazing as well.

PeaSFor1611d ago

Winter is coming. and also the PS4!

that said, give me a Valkyria Chronicles collection on PsVita and i would bow in front of a sega logo EVERYDAYS.

da_2pacalypse1611d ago

I'm so glad that Sony is still interested in appealing to the gamers. I'm so tired of M$ trying to appeal to non-gamers... I hope PS4 destroys the next xbox in sales.

iNFAMOUZ11611d ago

uh no.
microsoft is the new king, get used to it.

DonFreezer1611d ago

Delusional PS drones like you should have been banned from gaming years now. Because Sony has the financial wealth to PAY developers so that they release games to the ps consoles Nintendo has a problem and is in trouble?Shouldn't we as gamers demand a fair share of support for all the platforms?Nintendo has proven a worthy competitor to the PS brand and if Nintendo starts releasing their Mario , Zeldas and Xenoblades Sony is for sure doomed.So stop it with you pro Sony remarks.

kingfetish171611d ago

Skies of Arcadia HD Remake & Skies of Arcadia 2 for PS3/PS4!!!

DonFreezer1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

13 disagress?How butthurt could you ps drones be?Because Sony pays developers it's Microsoft that abandons gamers? Stop complaining about Microsoft.It's their choise to not fund and buy exclusives get over it.It's at least delusional to think that Sony gets their gamers out of good will and everyother company pays for them.
Is Microsoft's fault that Japanese developers do not want to release games on their console?And why is it that when they do get the games you accuse them of paychecks and of byuing out games?

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MrDead1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

If it's Yakuza 5 coming to the west I will literally explode in my pants.

EZMickey1612d ago

You literally don't understand the meaning of the word "literally". :P

despair1611d ago

I "literally" died reading this comment.

*sent from my Galaxy Note II in hell*

MrDead1611d ago


I'll send you a picture of the result when I get the game, then you can decide if I know the meaning.

ThanatosDMC1611d ago

Same. Kiryu will be the most badass taxi driver owning race cars with a crappy taxi cab.

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showtimefolks1612d ago

AS at helm we know Sony means business

Sega is doing any exclusives
Ready at dawn a 2nd party working n next gen for Sony
QD another 2nd party doing playstation only
Insominac has 3 teams one for playstation so maybe a new ratchet or new IP?

And on top of that every Sony owned studio is working on playstation 4 exclusives

Yakuza 5 for west
Yakuza HD collection for west
Shenmur HD collection please? And maybe 3rd?

MS you better not talk about kinect at launch for more than 10-15 minutes we need games and a lot of games and no crappy kinect titles don't count as games

xursz1612d ago

Probably not as high caliber but I guess its worth mentioning Acquire (developer of Tenchu and Way of the Samurai series) is also working on their psvita exclusive dungeon crawler rpg, Mind Zero. It's probably japan-only though at the moment.

showtimefolks1612d ago

I meant to say KAS at the Helm

sinncross1612d ago

this is why you should not use google translate to make news.

タイトル - translates to TITLE. It does not translate to titleS.

There is nothing in that Japanese which states there are multiple titles being announced.

Knushwood Butt1612d ago

Japanese doesn't have plurals, so, 'taitoru', could mean just one, or several games.

sinncross1612d ago

That would be correct if the word's origin was Japanese.

taitoru is not since its a loan word from the English 'title' and not 'titles'

I have no problem there being multiple games, I just think that making what is most likely incorrect news lacks journalistic integrity especially since the author himself does not even speak Japanese: he merely used a quick translation tool that is not even accurate most of the time.

hesido1611d ago

I love Japanese!

Taitoru :=) Title, it makes so much sense :)

Sweet Engrish!

GenericNameHere1611d ago

If it said たくさん新タイトル, then I would say "Titles". But for now, 新タイトル just means "New Title", so I'd go with just one new game... Which is still pretty good! :D
An exclusive for the PS4... I hope it gets a lot of exclusive games from 3rd-party devs again, just like during the PS1-2 days!

Knushwood Butt1611d ago

Sure, it's ambiguous, but I still disagree. Take this Famistsu article for example:

マーベラスAQLのPSP配信中タイトル15本が本日より半額 キャンペーンを開始

They clearly mention 15 downloadable games, but still use the word タイトル

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kupomogli1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Seeing as it's a Japanese teaser page, they wouldn't be mentioning Yakuza 5, especially since they've already received it.

It'd look kind of weird wouldn't it?

Sega: We're announcing Yakuza 5 for the west.
Japanese: Da fuq? We care about this why?

Diver1612d ago

You the man wishing. Valkyria an Yakuza 5. Sure hope for some x platform action.

Gothdom1611d ago

Yakuza 5 AND 1&2HD please!

Ranma11611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Skies or Arcadia
Valkyria Chronicles
A good Shining series game
Phantasy Star console game.

I hope J-devs make up for the jrpg drought this gen.

mav8051611d ago

I'd love to see a next generation Shining Force sequel to I, II, and III. I think they could make some really great games if they stopped making spin-offs and releasing only in Japan :(

Donnieboi1611d ago

My wife would flip out if valkyria 4 came to ps3 or ps4. It was her first strategy game (I prefer normal jrpg's though). Now she's hooked on Valkyria 2 for our Vita. Maybe I can get my Vita back if she's busy playing a new Valkyria on a different platform lol.

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Agent Smith1612d ago

Valkyria Chronicles 4, Yakuza 6, and Sonic 2006 remake!