2013 is Nintendo Newly-Announced Year of Luigi

Luigi’s Mansion 2 and New Super Luigi U

Luigi, as we know, has been lamentably overshadowed by his older, paunchier brother. The fate of the unremarkable sibling is always a saddening one (remember that much-acclaimed neurosurgeon, with the simpleton brother that drooled on his shirt and engaged in OH SO SERIOUS conversations with his car keys? That’s the Mario brothers, right there), and nobody knows this better than aficionados of the lean green machine.

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miyamoto2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

If Sonic doesn't cut it anymore will Sega count on Tails Prower?
when Batman doesn't cut it anymore will DC count on Robin?

PopRocks3592095d ago

You trollin'?

I think it's just a thing for fans since Luigi is popular with Mario fans. There are more Mario games than Luigi games coming out this year. To suggest Mario "doesn't cut it" for Nintendo anymore is... actually kind of silly.

Donnieboi2094d ago

Everyone who disagrees with u is trollin huh? Your just a lil cyber-snitch. If u can't debate back, then stop crying. The man simply posed a good Nintendo relying on Luigi now that they have already oversaturated the hell out of Mario? It's a good question, whether u like it or not. Snitch.

PopRocks3592094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

lol I'm guessing the first two words was all you read of my comment?

Nintendo's not really relying on Luigi if they're making more games for Mario. Luigi's featured in some, not all of them, has one game starring himself and an expansion to a Mario game he stars in. That's about it.

Also a snitch is someone who "tattles" on someone. There's an episode of Spongebob I can recommend that might make you understand the concept.

TotalSynthesisX2095d ago

Tails and Robin are lame characters. Luigi isn't.

1upgamer992095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

I like Luigi as well. I guess some people would rather have Nintendo simply design all new character for this game and call the same game that currently is Luigi U and call it (insert new character name). Like what happened when Nintendo took Doki Doki Panic and changed all of the characters to Mario Mascots, and Super Mario 2 was born.

Heisenburger2095d ago

That depends entirely on WHICH Robin you are referencing.

Dick Grayson has been my favorite since I first saw him in the black and whites, though those were made way before my time.

Probably about 75% of the comics I read involve Dick Grayson.

Though.... I totally see why a non-fan would look at him and see something terrible lol.

He can look pretty goofy. :)

Horny2095d ago

They would probably go with knuckles when it comes to sonic. Knuckles kicks ass btw!

Qrphe2095d ago

Knuckles and Shadow turned into the Picollo and Vegeta of the Sonic universe.

jakmckratos2095d ago

If by newly announced you mean this news was announced last month then yes

Erimgard2094d ago

If the title says "newly-announced" about something that is really old news, I'm not reading the article.

kirbyu2094d ago

The author really missed an opportunity. He or she should've made the square with an L green.

tweet752094d ago

luigi has more personality than mario and nintendo has burnt gamers out recently on mario. Im hoping for super luigi cart at the end of the year.

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