Reflections on a Mirror’s Edge

A fond look back at Mirror’s Edge, a criminally underappreciated title that was one of the most well designed games in recent history and has still yet to be surpassed.

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ApolloTheBoss1644d ago

PLAY this game if you haven't already. I was like this guy and nearly dismissed it at first glance then gave it a try and it utterly blew me away. The ending even made me tear up a little bit.

Also hope we see a sequel announced at E3.

Hufandpuf1644d ago

The ending made you tear up? LOL

The game is stunning and fresh, but the story was really lacking. I really want a Mirror's Edge 2 really soon.

starchild1644d ago

Absolutely beautiful and amazing game. One of my favorites of the generation. I hope sincerely for a sequel.

TopDudeMan1644d ago

Reflections on mirror's edge... Get it?

tigertron1644d ago


Frostbite 2 (or whatever version it is) on the PS4. Yes please! Oh, and don't screw it up, EA.

ironfist921644d ago

After EA's track record, im hoping they dont rape Mirror's Edge with a sequel.

Tyre1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Hell Yes! 1 of the best this gen, love it still. The sequel will come has to be. DICE keep the gameplay intact, improve on what is already there in ME, it is brilliant as it is.

nigelp5201644d ago

The trailers and music still blow me away

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